The Deadwood Gaming Association believes that South Dakota lawmakers should pass sports betting legislation in 2020.

  • South Dakota failed to legalize sports wagering in 2019.
  • More states surrounding South Dakota have legal sports betting.
  • Lawmakers do not want to lose potential tax revenue to other states.

DEADWOOD, S.D. – The Deadwood Gaming Association is aiming to legalize sports betting during the 2020 legislative session.

The Deadwood Gaming Association has proposed that South Dakota lawmakers should aim to legalize sports betting in 2020. One of the core reasons for this is that surrounding states already have legal sports betting.

Going To Other States To Bet

Iowa has statewide mobile sports betting. Bettors in the state first need to register at a retail sportsbook to sign up for mobile wagering. This would normally be limited, but all casinos in Iowa can offer sports betting. This means that there are plenty of locations to sign up for a sportsbook account. This includes casinos near state borders.

As more states in the Midwest are legalizing sports betting, Iowa is pulling in traffic from other states. That includes South Dakota. Once people from South Dakota sign up for an online sportsbook at an Iowa casino, they just need to cross the border again and be located anywhere in Iowa to make their bets.

Montana is also just about ready to launch its sports wagering industry. The state legalized sports gambling back in 2019 and officials are preparing to launch sportsbooks. Once they do, people from South Dakota will likely also travel to Montana to bet on sports. To prevent this from happening, The Deadwood Gaming Association insists on sports betting legalization.

“The competition around us with Iowa starting in August, last month in November they did fifty-six million dollars worth of sports wagering. It’s very clear that people have the opportunity to legally bet on sports, they want to do that and we just want to give our customers here in South Dakota that same opportunity,” said Mike Rodman, executive director of the Deadwood Gaming Association.

The Potential Timeline For Sports Betting

Even if sports betting in South Dakota were to be legalized in 2020, it would not be until 2021 that sportsbooks could open. The first thing that needs to happen is the start of the South Dakota legislative session. The legislative session begins on January 14 and ends March 30. In that time frame, the State House and Senate need to pass sports betting legislation and the governor needs to sign it.

Once that is done, it is still not over. It is ultimately up to the voters in South Dakota to decide if sports betting should be legal or not.

Since 2020 is an election year, it will not be until November for voters to decide on the issue. If voters in the state approve sports betting, rules and regulations need to be created. Rodman predicts that if everything falls into place, sportsbooks would open July of 2021.

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