Deadwood, South Dakota.

  • Two out of the three sports betting bills for the rules and regulations of South Dakota’s new sports betting industry have died.
  • Senate Bill 44 is the only bill still open for legalization in the South Dakota Legislature.
  • SD SB 44 keeps all sports wagering activity confined to the town of Deadwood with no mobile sportsbook platforms available.

PIERRE, S.D. – South Dakota had multiple bills open in the Legislature for the rules and regulations regarding legal sports betting in Deadwood but two bills have just died in Committee on Monday and Tuesday.

House Bill 1211 was seeking to open sports wagering terminals at locations throughout the state that holds a liquor license and are tethered to sportsbooks in Deadwood, to allow for the kiosks to exist. It died in the House State Affairs Committee on Monday.

House Bill 1231 to have mobile sports wagering platforms throughout South Dakota died in the House Taxation Committee on Tuesday.

The South Dakota Legislature remains stringent about having their upcoming legal sports betting market stay within the town of Deadwood, resulting in the premature endings for House Bill 1211 and House Bill 1231.

And Then There Was One

South Dakota legalized sports wagering in November through a majority vote by the public. Legalization entailed that the industry stays in Deadwood, not including Tribal locations in the state that would be eligible to open sportsbooks. But many had hoped this measure would be a stepping stone to get sports gaming statewide as long as Deadwood factored into the expansions by having operators tether to a land-based business in the city.

There is only one bill left up for consideration in the South Dakota Legislature and it was the favored proposal of the trio all along. Senate Bill 44 was referred to the House State Affairs Committee on February 11 but has not yet been scheduled for its next hearing. This bill keeps all sports betting activity within the city limits of Deadwood, as many lawmakers have stated they’ve wanted for the market to begin with.

Mobile sports betting is not part of the proposal, having all gaming done at locations in Deadwood where establishments are eligible for licensure. Collegiate sports betting is prohibited as is having employees being able to gamble on games if they are involved in any part of the sports betting industry.

Legal sports betting in South Dakota’s town of Deadwood should launch toward the end of 2021 as rules and regulations for the market will be figured out prior to the end of the session on March 26.

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