No South Dakota Mobile Sports Betting?

  • South Dakota lawmakers killed House Joint Resolution 5006, which attempted to legalize mobile sports betting.
  • The decision prevents voters from approving mobile sports betting on the 2024 ballot.
  • Retail sports betting is legal in South Dakota on premises of casinos across the state.

PIERRE, S.D. – South Dakota lawmakers have killed a proposal that would allow for voters to approve mobile sports betting in 2024. A heated House floor debate resulted in a majority vote of 41-28 against House Joint Resolution 5006.

House Joint Resolution 5006’s disproval by lawmakers is unfortunate for the future of mobile sports betting in South Dakota.

The legalization of retail sports betting was introduced in 2020 with relative ease, but this appears to be the extent that South Dakota lawmakers are willing to go for sports betting.

During the House floor debate, many lawmakers expressed their concerns with the addictive properties of sports betting and aren’t interested in further expansion.

“I’m proud of my state for many different things, but frankly I’m ashamed of our reliance on gambling,” said Rep. John Mills. “I’m ashamed and I think it’s time to change. And we definitely don’t need to advance [online sports betting].”

There are seven different retail sportsbooks and plenty of casinos to make in-person sports wagers with.

In addition to retail sports betting, South Dakota thrives from the video lottery, which brought in just over $170 million in revenue last year.

With video lottery presenting as a huge revenue creator, South Dakota lawmakers are in no rush to include legal mobile sports betting.

Current South Dakota Legislature

South Dakota’s Codified Laws emphasize their persistence to remain solely with on-site betting.

But the South Dakota Constitution has been amended before, so the possibility of legalized mobile sports betting isn’t completely out of the question. Senate Joint Resolution 501 allowed retail sports betting by amending the South Dakota Constitution in 2020.

This resolution is now law, and prohibits wagering on minor league games, individual college athletes, and North Dakota in-state college and university games.

It will take some time for legal South Dakota sports betting to include mobile sports betting options. Based on previous legislature, the recent disproval of HJR5006 doesn’t mark the end of the road for legalized mobile betting in South Dakota.

Unfortunately, it does confirm that it will be at least another year without mobile sports betting in the Mount Rushmore State.

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