Voters in South Dakota will decide on sports betting in November.

  • The South Dakota Legislature has officially passed bill SD SJR 501 that would legalize sports betting at retail establishments in the town of Deadwood and Tribal businesses.
  • With its passing, the voters of the Mount Rushmore State have the ability to choose the fate of the legal gambling on sports in November.
  • Governor Kristi Noem expects to see millions in revenue from the sports betting market to help with the economy of South Dakota.

DEADWOOD, S.D. – The House State Affairs and House of Representatives in South Dakota have passed bill SD SJR 501 that will place sports betting on the November ballot. On Wednesday, SD SJR 501 was signed by the President of the South Dakota Senate for its final step within the legislature.

Residents of the Mount Rushmore State will now be able to choose whether they want legal S.D. sports betting in the town of Deadwood come November.

The History Of The Bill That Passed

SD SJR 501 had its first reading on January 30. Fast forward 34 days later and it made its way through the South Dakota Legislature as a whole with passing votes. Once the State Affairs Committee voted in favor of the bill on Monday, the future of SD SJR 501 was pretty much set.

The House of Representatives looked it over for a final time, ultimately agreeing with the State Affairs Committee vote that the proposal to legalize sports betting was ready for the November 2020 ballot.

From there, it received the required signature by the President officially ushering its way out of the Houses. Now the topic of the legal wagering on sporting events is no longer up to the government in South Dakota, but it’s constituents instead.

What Does SD SJR 501 Entail?

The town of Deadwood would be allowed to operate sportsbooks under the bill. Not only that, but Tribal establishments throughout the state will be able to do so as well.

Retail sports betting is the only type of gambling that has been written within the bill. However, mobile platforms are something that will be open for discussion in the future.

How Will It End?

Governor Kristi Noem has been in favor of legalizing gambling on sporting events this past year. She has prepared the state for the transition of opening up the new market in hopes that the bill would pass. Residents will have their say to vote in favor of or against legal sports betting in South Dakota in November.

If history means anything, voters have always chosen to vote in favor of legal gaming when the subject has been presented on ballots. If this happens again, the people of South Dakota will be able to place bets on sports beginning in July 2021.

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