South Dakota is one step closer to sports betting legalization.

  • SD SJR 501, a bill to legalize sports betting in the Mount Rushmore State has passed in the Senate House State Affairs Committee.
  • This bill allows for legal wagering on sporting events through retail locations in the city of Deadwood and Tribal businesses in South Dakota.
  • If residents vote in favor of legalization, South Dakota will see legal sports betting in 2021.

DEADWOOD, S.D. – On Monday, the Senate House State Affairs Committee heard SD SJR 501 to legalize sports betting in South Dakota. After hearing the piece of legislation, the Committee took it to a vote. The bill passed by a vote of 7 YEAS and 5 NAYS.

SD SJR 501

Under SD SJR 501, sports betting at retail locations would become legal in the town of Deadwood. Not only that, but it would subsequently give authorization for the Tribes of Washington to open sportsbooks of their own throughout the state.

While the bill only mentions brick and mortar establishments, it leaves the door open for mobile sports betting platforms in South Dakota in the future.

SD SJR 501 would require an amendment to the Constitution of the Mount Rushmore State because sports betting is an aspect of gaming that needs an amendment to be a legal activity.

Luckily, South Dakotans are no stranger to switching around the Constitution for gaming purposes. And it always seems to begin in the city of Deadwood before it eventually branches out statewide.

Governor Kristi Noem has been slowly preparing for legalization by allowing sports betting to be put on the ballot should it pass through the House. She has also opened up positions within the state lottery board that would be filled by those running the sports betting market.

This has allowed her to stay true to her word during her initial campaign when she said she would not hire any more government officials.

Including sports betting as a legal pastime in South Dakota would stop any raise in taxes, another promise Noem made to the people of the state when running for Governor.

Legalizing sports betting would very much favor Noem for future campaigns as a politician that keeps her promises. If residents voted in favor of legal gambling on sporting events, it would be the fourth amendment made to the Constitution for gaming purposes in South Dakota.

What’s Next?

Having the House State Affairs Senate Committee pass SD SJR 501 means that legal sports betting in South Dakota is closer than ever. The next step is for it to move on to a full House vote and if it passes then, legal sports betting in S.D. will be on the November ballot.

Residents will be able to vote for or against legalizing the gambling on sporting events in their state. Should they vote in favor of it, South Dakota will have legal sports betting by July 2021.

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