Last updated on: June 1st, 2022

Legal Sports Betting In Canada

For quite some time, single-game sports betting was not available in Canada. This was because Canada had a prohibiting document comparable to PASPA in the United States; however, in 2021, Canada passed a bill that amended the criminal code to allow for state-regulated sports betting in Canada. This means it is completely legal for Canadians to bet on sports, whether using a provincially-regulated sportsbook or an online sportsbook accepting Canadian bettors.


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Sports Betting Laws In Canada

In 1892, Canada banned all forms of gambling in its criminal code. The prohibition against sports betting remained until June 22, 2021, when the Canadian legislature passed C-218.

C-218 officially regulated single-game wagers in Canada on a province-by-province basis, similar to the U.S. industry. Each province has the ability to set its own sports betting regulations under C-218. The first provincially-regulated sportsbooks are scheduled to roll out in April 2022. C-218 does not include a limit on the number of licensed Canadian sportsbooks; however, industry experts expect approximately 30 sportsbooks to receive licensing for the initial launch period.

Best Online Betting Sites In Canada

Depending on the province, bettors will soon have the choice between betting on any sporting event at provincially-regulated sportsbooks or internationally-based sportsbooks. Since there are no laws against betting on sports in Canada, online sportsbooks like MyBookie accept Canadians.

Canadian Sports Betting Markets

The most popular sport to bet on in Canada is hockey, with lacrosse also attracting significant attention. Canadian Football League games, major American sporting events (including NFL, NBA, and MLB games), combat sports (including UFC and major boxing bouts), and international sporting events are very popular, as are American college sports. Minor sports such as motor racing and curling also see some seasonal action.

Canada’s Sports Betting Revenue

There is no financial data on Canada’s sports betting revenue; however, in Alberta, it is estimated that approximately 4% of the yearly budget is derived from general gambling revenue. An estimated $10 billion USD is wagered on sports in Canada per fiscal year.

Can I Bet With A US Sportsbook From Canada?

No, as United States law dictates, U.S.-based sportsbooks can only operate in the state they are regulated in. This is a result of the Interstate Wire Act of 1961, which prevents the transfer of sports betting funds across state or country lines.