Delaware Park Sportsbook Review

Now that the state has single-game wagering available, it is time for us to do a Delaware Park Sportsbook review. Delaware was one of the four states that had sports betting laws for decades, but was limited in what could be offered. You would never know it when visiting the Sportsbook at Delaware Park, as the bookmaker provides betting odds on every popular sport plus plenty of other gaming options for legal sport betting.

Delaware Park was among one of the three facilities that launched sportsbooks mid-2018. Located at Delaware Park, Delaware, this sportsbook is the most popular spot to place your sports bets. It has a comfortable atmosphere for bettors to enjoy and plenty of sports you can place your bets on. It should feel familiar to those who enjoy sports betting in Vegas because the sportsbook at Delaware Park has the same style of sportsbooks available. Read on to learn more about this sportsbook.

When Did Delaware Park Sportsbook Launch?

The Sportsbook at Delaware Park Casino launched June 5th, 2018. In previous years, Delaware had legal sports betting, but was prohibited from offering full-scale wagering due to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). The state was only permitted to accept NFL parlays from sports bettors during football season. However, because Delaware was already partially exempt from the law, it only took one month after the repeal of PASPA for local racetrack-casinos to start accepting bets on all types of sporting events.

Where Is The Delaware Park Sportsbook Located?

When you go to the sportsbook at Delaware Park, you actually have two locations you can go to for sports betting. You can go to the first floor or you can go to the third-floor clubhouse. These locations provide a comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy sports betting. There is plenty of comfortable seating, with wall-to-wall screens to look at the big game. You can visit either sportsbook location at the following times:

Sunday 9am-11pm

Monday to Thursday 11am-11pm

Friday 11am-midnight

Saturday 9am-midnight

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At Delaware Park Sportsbook?

The legal gambling age is 21 for the state of Delaware. Although you are allowed to go to the horse track and bet on the races when you are 18, sports betting does not fall under that umbrella. Since single-game sports betting is a new form of gambling in Delaware, you will have to wait until you are 21 to place your sports bets.

Does Delaware Park Sportsbook Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

Delaware Park now offers Vegas-style sports betting on all professional and collegiate sports. The sports that are being offered to bet on in Delaware Park is auto racing, baseball, basketball, boxing/MMA, football, golf, hockey, and soccer. You can make straight bets, parlays, futures, propositions, teasers, and round-robin wagers at the Delaware Park sportsbook. There are no restrictions, so feel free to bet on your local team NCAA teams.

Mobile Wagering At Delaware Park Sportsbook

The state of Delaware has not only legalized land-based sports betting, but it has also legalized mobile sports betting as well. Unfortunately, the state is not currently offering mobile sports betting apps in Delaware. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy mobile sports betting in Delaware. All you have to do is go to an online offshore sportsbook and you can enjoy mobile sports betting at Delaware Park (or anywhere you have an internet connection).

Live Betting At Delaware Park Sportsbook

Live betting is a great way to get into sports betting at Delaware Park. Live betting allows you to make bets while a game is in progress. You can bet on a number of different wagers, such as who is going to score next or if the next pass thrown will be incomplete or not. Live betting is an excellent way to win more cash and have more fun, which is why we had to include this new option in our Delaware Park Sportsbook review.

What Are The Promotions At The Delaware Park Casino?

The promotions at the Delaware Park Casino are constantly changing around. There are hot seat promotions, chances to win more points towards your rewards card, and there are bonuses for table games. Each one of these different kinds of bonuses has their own individual rules and regulations, so don’t be shy and ask the staff at the casino floor what kinds of promotions that are currently available.

How Do I Sign Up For My Players Rewards Card?

If you are interested in signing up for the Player Rewards Card at the Delaware Park Casino, then you have to head to the casino floor. Once you are there, ask the staff to tell you where the Player Rewards Club is and you can sign up to become a cardholder. Cardholders will receive special benefits with the more points you accrue during your casino visits. You can have the silver, gold, or platinum card depending on how many points you earn. Being a cardholder can give you access to special promotions for the sportsbook as well. If you love betting on sports and you want to get the most out of your experience, try signing up for the Player Rewards Card.

Can I Parlay My Bets At The Delaware Park Sportsbook?

You definitely can parlay your sports bets while you are at the Delaware Park Casino. A parlay is a single bet that links two or more wagers together. The only way you can win a parlay bet is winning all the wagers in the parlay. If you lose just once, you lose the entire bet. But if you win all the bets in the parlay, you will get a higher payout than just making your separate wagers. You can parlay up to eight different bets while you are at the Delaware Park Sportsbook. Of course, you are free to parlay anywhere between two and seven bets as well. Head over to the sportsbook and start making your parlay bets today.

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