Murphys Sportsbook Review At Harrington

There are many great things to speak about in our Murphy’s Sportsbook & Grill at Harrington review. Thanks to the removal of federal laws, sportsbooks were launched in Delaware in mid-2018. When sportsbooks were opened in Delaware, Murphy’s became the hotspot to be to experience legal sports betting in the state and with good reason too.

With a great location within the Harrington and a large number of wagering options, Murphy’s is the best place in the state to enjoy the sports betting action. The food selection is excellent with specialties and local options available, so residents in Delaware will feel right at home in Murphy’s. As you continue to read this Murphy’s Sportsbook review, you will learn more about the history of sports betting in Delaware, rules you need to be aware of, how you can wager on sports here, and the grill has to offer at Murphy’s.

When Did Murphy’s Sportsbook Launch?

Operated by William Hill, Murphy’s Sportsbook & Grill at Harrington Hotel & Casino began taking bets on June 5th, 2018. Although the state has had legal sports betting years prior, it wasn’t until this date that sportsbooks could be opened. The federal law known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) prevented the spread of sports betting. So, thanks to PAPSPA, Delaware was very limited on what they could offer. Sportsbooks could only offer NFL parlay bets. Once PASPA was repealed, the state began offering single game wagering on a number of different sports. This was done faster than any other state in the country, and Murphy’s Sportsbook and Grill became the first sportsbook to offer full service betting outside of Nevada.

Where Is Murphy’s Sportsbook Located?

You couldn’t be more relaxed when you visit Murphy’s Sportsbook and Grill. Murphy’s offers you great lounging options that allows you to watch the games on multiple TVs and you are able to see betting odds on the huge odds board displayed. So, you can place your bets, find a comfortable spot to watch the game you bet on, and have an incredible experience for sports bettors. Murphy’s is opened every day from 11:00am to midnight.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At Murphy’s Sportsbook?

To get into the Harrington Casino and Murphy’s Sportsbook, you have to be 21 years or older to enter. That coincides with state betting age laws that also say you need to be at least 21 years old to gamble. But once you turn 21, you can come here and celebrate in style. You can celebrate your birthday by placing your sports bets while enjoying everything the Grill has to offer. As long as you are of age, you can bet on sports and more at the Harrington Casino Sportsbook.

Does Murphy’s Sportsbook Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

There is full-service sports betting, but there are some minor limits you have to be aware of. You can make bets on professional and college football and basketball, hockey, golf, auto racing, and soccer while you are at Murphy’s. You can also bet on professional baseball, but you cannot wager on college baseball here. Be that as it may, you can still make the usual kinds of wagers while you are at Murphy’s, such as straight bets and teasers. Murphy’s should have all your sports betting needs filled.

Murphy’s Food And Drinks

If you are visiting the Harrington to go do some sports betting, you are lucky because you will be at Murphy’s Sportsbook & Grill. Murphy’s has amazing food and drink specials available while you make your sports bets. Murphy’s has great signature dishes like Murph’s Famous Nachos which you can add chicken or chili, or the crab cakes which is Murphy’s recipe. You can also enjoy local foods here such as Vanderwende Creamery ice cream while you watch the games. Complete your meal with a $3 local craft beer to fully experience sports betting at Murphy’s.

Mobile Wagering At Murphy’s Sportsbook

Murphy’s Sportsbook only offers, you cannot participate in mobile wagering here. Mobile sports betting is legal in Delaware, but there are no state licensed mobile apps that you can use just yet. In the future, there could be increased demand for mobile sports betting and we are sure Murphy’s would jump in on that opportunity. Until then, you can participate in mobile sports betting by accessing an offshore website via your mobile device.

Live Betting At Murphy’s Sportsbook

Although placing your bets before the start of a game is a great time, there is another way you can get into the sports betting action – in-game wagering. You can take part in live betting while you are at Murphy’s Sportsbook. Live betting allows you make wagers on plays as the game goes on. So you aren’t stuck with wagers that were set at the beginning of the game, you can bet on what is going on in the game as it happens with live betting odds on the biggest games of the season.

What Are The Promotions At The Harrington Raceway And Casino?

One of the greatest things about the Harrington Raceway and Casino promotions is that they are constantly changing. Each month there are different promotions available for you to take advantage of. One promotion that usually stays the same though is the $40,000 Saturday Morning Madness. You can win up to $200 for free slot or match play thanks to this promotion.

How Do I Sign Up For the Players Card Rewards Card At Murphy’s Sportsbook?

Signing up for the Players Club at the Harrington Raceway and Casino is easier than ever. All you have to do is go online and register for your card. Of course, you can do so on the casino floor as well. You will want to be part of this club because the rewards are amazing. If you want gift shop discounts, free valet parking or free admission to the Delaware State Fair, then this is the club for you. There four tiers available, so make sure you rack up those points to get more rewards.

Can I Parlay My Bets At Murphy’s Sportsbook?

If you have multiple teams you want to be on, you can parlay your bets at Murphy’s Sportsbook rather than making individual bets. If you are confident that all your wagers are going to win, then making a parlay bet will allow you to win more money than making individual bets. Of course, the risk is much higher for you. If your last bet ends up losing, your entire parlay wager fails. With up to eight games you can parlay, there is a lot of risks and a lot of reward in parlay betting.


Murphy's Harrington


Murphy’s Harrington is one of the best sportsbooks in Delaware, especially considering that there is only 3 of them. Players can expect to find a full service sportsbook at Murphy’s with betting odds or all of the sports you can imagine.

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