Last updated on: May 11th, 2023

Legal Avalanche Sportsbooks | Best AVAX Sports Betting Sites

Avalanche has slowly but surely been becoming one of the most used cryptocurrencies on the market and legal online sportsbooks are starting to accept them as a form of payment. There are different legal Avalanche sportsbooks to choose from that all have tremendous features backing them up. These include free transactions and friendly deposit limits on all AVAX processes. To find out more on how to bet on sports with AVAX, this page covers many of those aspects. You’ll come across the legality of these AVAX sports betting sites, the process behind depositing and actually betting on sports with Avalanche, and the security behind it as well. Once you finish learning about that, you’ll see the limits for their deposits and what bonuses are available as well.

Avalanche Sportsbooks

Best Avalanche Betting Sites

Rank Sportsbook Bonus Offer Play Now
1 Bovada Online Sportsbook 75% Up To $750 Read Review Visit Bovada!
2 BetOnline Online Sportsbook 50% New Member Bonus!Read Review Visit BetOnline!
3 MyBookie Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 Read Review Visit MyBookie!
4 Xbet Online Sportsbook 100% Up To $300Read Review Visit Xbet!
5 Sportsbetting Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 Read Review Visit SportsBetting!


Bovada Sportsbook

Transfer AVAX To Your Account Easily

Unfortunately, Bovada is one of the legal sports betting sites that does not take Avalanche as a form of payment. However, get around this by converting it to something else and depositing it in another crypto. You can convert AVAX to one of the cryptos that is accepted on Bovada such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, and deposit that from your wallet. As for getting your funds back, you can withdraw and convert it back to Avalanche.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

  • Live Betting
  • Big Bonuses
  • Accepts Avalanche

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BetOnline Sportsbook

Use AVAX To Bet On The NFL

At BetOnline, you’ll find that it is the most convenient way to bet on sports with Avalanche due to their low deposit minimums which are great for those everyday casual bettors. They also offer an extensive betting suite that is made up of hundreds of different betting options such as high profile leagues in the NFL, NBA, and UFC down to the smaller market sports like the MLS, table tennis, and even cycling. No matter which sport and league you choose to bet on, BetOnline lets you use Avalanche to access all of them.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

  • Reliable Banking Methods
  • Strong Server Connection
  • 10+ Year Track Record
  • Huge Assortment Of Odds
  • No App Mobile Betting

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SportsBetting Sportsbook

AVAX Betting From Your Phone

One of the top features that SportsBetting has to offer is their mobile betting platform that allows you to quickly and easily bet with Avalanche right from your phone. Phones such as iPhone and Android amongst many others with internet access are all compatible with both crypto wallets that can be linked to your accounts in minutes right from the palm of your hand. There are downloadable crypto wallets and exchanges for your mobile device in which you can buy and transfer Avalanche from and then go as far as linking your wallet to your SportsBetting account.

Ratings: 5 Star Rating

  • Accepts Avax Deposits
  • Full Mobile Betting Suite
  • Available Customer Service

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Is It Legal To Use A Sportsbook That Accepts Avalanche?

Yes, it is legal to use online sportsbooks that accept Avalanche as payment. This comes as these online sportsbooks have governing bodies behind them creating rules and regulations for them to follow which, in the eyes of the United States government is not against the law. The U.S. government does not have rules or restrictions that keep you from betting on sports with AVAX.

Legal Sports Betting Sites That Take AVAX

Finding the best legal online sportsbook to bet with Avalanche does not have to be a hard decision as there are plenty of benefits on any book that you choose. These online betting sites can be accessed from anywhere and have incredible online sportsbook bonuses and promotions for you to enjoy using when betting with AVAX.

How To Bet On Sports With Avalanche

While actually betting on sports with Avalanche on an online sportsbook is simple, there is a process that comes with it. This process is meant to have you set up with AVAX funds in your accounts in minutes. The first thing you need to do to get started is actually to purchase Avalanche from one of the many exchanges available.

  1. Purchase AVAX from crypto exchange
  2. Transfer Avalanche to your crypto wallet
  3. Link your wallets share address with your legal sports betting account
  4. Send the desired amount of Avalanche from your wallet to your account
  5. Once funds are visible, you can begin betting with AVAX

AVAX Sports Betting Deposit And Withdrawal Limits

Depositing and withdrawing Avalanche to your online sportsbook account are the most important pieces of information to get knowledgeable with as this is how you fund your sports betting account and receive your winnings. There are similarities between the two including both having minimum and maximum amounts to follow, but the main feature that they both offer are instant transactions and zero fees associated with each process. Something important to keep note of is that, both sportsbooks that allow you to deposit in AVAX do not offer AVAX withdrawals. In order to withdraw after depositing AVAX, you would need to convert your finds to another crypto with withdrawal ability and secure it that way.

Sportsbook Deposit Minimum Deposit Maximum
BetOnline $20 $100,000
SportsBetting $20 $100,000

Benefits Of Betting On Sports With Avalanche

  • Big paying bonuses
  • Bet with AVAX from mobile devices
  • No transaction fees
  • Low minimum deposits
  • High maximum withdrawals

Drawbacks Of Using Avalanche To Bet On Sports

  • Not all legal sportsbooks accept AVAX
  • Limited transactions
  • Some bonuses require high rollover amounts
Bovada Sports Betting

Other Cryptos That Legal Online Sportsbooks Take

While AVAX is one of the more popular cryptocurrencies that is accepted on online sportsbooks, there are plenty of others as well. Some legal sports betting sites accept up to 17 different cryptos including some of the biggest in the world like Bitcoin and Ethereum. A full list of the cryptocurrencies that can be used to bet on legal sports betting sites can be found right here.

Is Betting With Avalanche Safe?

In simplest terms, yes, using Avalanche to bet on sports with legal online sportsbooks is safe and there are plenty of factors that go into that. The first thing that goes into this is that all of the legal online sportsbooks that accept AVAX use an encrypted link to keep your account safe as well as the server of the sportsbook meaning your Avalanche will always be secured. Also, with your crypto wallet that is used to transfer your AVAX to your online betting account, it offers an extra layer of protection with its own encrypted link as well making sure of safe and secure transactions the whole way through.

Best AVAX Wallets And Exchanges

With the first thing to betting on sports with AVAX being to actually buy the coin, there are plenty of exchanges that sell it as well as many other wallets to store it. All of which are supported by legal online sportsbooks. Some of the supported exchanges and wallets that support Avalanche can all be found right here.

Avalanche Exchanges

  • Coinbase

  • Binance

  • KuCoin


  • eToro

Avalanche Wallets

  • Coinbase Wallet

  • MetaMask

  • Coinomi Wallet

  • TokenPocket

  • Trust Wallet