Last updated on: January 2nd, 2024

Betting On League Of Legends

When looking to get into League of Legends betting, you should know there are two tiers in the professional esports league. In tier one, the majority of the most skilled League Of Legends players compete against each other. This tier currently contains 13 leagues, including the League Of Legends World Championships. Five out of the 13 leagues are considered Premier Leagues and include the League Of Legends Championship Series, League Of Legends European Championship, League Of Legends Korea, League Of Legends Pro League, and League Of Legends Master Series. The League Of Legends World Championship is hosted annually by the game’s creator, Riot Games. There are esports betting sites that are legal that offer odds on League of Legends for all of these teams/tiers.

Teams in the tournament play and compete to win the championship title, the League Of Legends Summoner’s Cup, and a grand prize of one million dollars. The popularity of the tournaments has snowballed into a massive commercial success. In 2018 alone, the League Of Legends World Championship had 99.6 million viewers. The numbers continue to climb and now the success of the league has started conversations to add the esports league to the 2024 Los Angeles Olympics. The league has already been added to the 2022 Asian Games as a medal event. As of now, the next League Of Legends World Championship is scheduled to be held in Paris 2019. While the esports market is not exactly parallel to the legal sports betting market, it is certainly a booming industry.

Top Esports Betting Sites

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Bovada Sportsbook

Best Book For League Of Legends Betting

For all legal sports bettors that want to wager on any of the upcoming LoL tournaments, Bovada offers live and future odds for all of the biggest events. There are props for tournament outcomes and straight up odds for the winning team of each tournament. Bovada even offers live streaming on the sportsbook page to watch the event as it is unfolding and live wagers that can be placed during the action. Before betting on LoL events, Bovada offers new player bonuses with up to $750 for crypto deposits. Rating: 5 Star Rating

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Best League Of Legends Mobile Betting Sites

While most of the legal sportsbooks accepting LoL bets have mobile sports betting, BetOnline and Bovada are the best books for betting on a phone. These online sites can be accessed all across the US and can be used to make deposits, accept bonuses, request payouts, and even accept bonuses without leaving the house. Players can even place live wagers when using US mobile sportsbooks to bet on any LoL tournament that is happening in real time. Mobile betting makes it easy convenient and profitable to bet on League of Legends tournaments from anywhere in the US.

Best Welcome Bonus League Of Legends Betting Sites

Before betting on live or future LoL events, online sportsbooks that are legal for Esports gaming in the US have welcome bonuses that can be accepted and used to win big. The best sportsbook bonuses are through cryptocurrency deposits, but credit card sports betting sites offer big bonuses as well. There are no fees when accepting crypto bonuses. Credit card or bank transfer deposits do require fees ranging from 9.75% to 15% to accept the deposit match bonuses for new players.

Best LoL Welcome Bonuses

  • Bovada – $750 available with first time crypto deposits through a 75% deposit match and $250 available through a Visa or Mastercard deposit through a 25% deposit match. Both of these bonuses have a 5x rollover attached.
  • BetOnline – New crypto players can accept a 100% deposit match of up to $1,000 through a crypto deposit or a 50% match with $1,000 up for grabs. The crypto bonus has a 14x rollover and the non crypt bonus has a 10x rollover.
  • MyBookie – Through any of their offered methods, MyBookie players can redeem a first time deposit bonus of up to $1,000 through a 50% deposit match that has a 10x rollover.

What Is League Of Legends?

League Of Legends is a multiplayer online arena battle video game that was created by Riot Games. In League of Legends, players select an unknown summoner that controls a champion character with special abilities. These players will then battle it out against another team of summoners or a team of computer AI’s. The goal of the game is to destroy the other team’s “Nexus”, which is an object that is usually at the center of your opponent’s base. The Nexus, however, is heavily fortified. Each League of Legends match starts with characters that begin the game with little to nothing but increase their strength by locating items and just overall experience. The maximum level for your character in a match is 18 and at each level, you unlock new abilities and traits.

League Of Legends Tournaments

League Of Legends Tournaments are typically separated into two tiers, premier league and tier two. In the Premier League, the leagues include the League of Legends Championship Series played in Los Angeles, League Of Legends European Championship played in Berlin, League Of Legends Champions Korea played in Seoul, League Of Legends Pro League played in various locations, and finally, the League of Legends Masters tournament played in Taipei. Legal Esports sportsbooks will accept odds and props on all tournaments from all players in the US.

League Of Legends World Championship

The World Championship for League Of Legends is by far their biggest watched event of the year. The game creator, Riot Games, hosts the tournament every year and is going on their ninth season to date. The tournament has been played in different cities around the world including, Los Angeles, Paris, and Berlin. In season one, the World Championship had a prize pool of only 100,000. By season two, the prize pool multiplied by 50 to over 5,000,000 million dollars. And in season six, the prize pool hit its highest number at 6,700,000 million dollars. The stakes are extremely high for the tournaments and typically hours of practice go into preparation.

League Of Legends Championship Series

The League Of Legends Championship Series is the top League Of Legends league in North America. The series is also sponsored by Riot Games and is composed of 10 different teams. Each season of the Championship Series is separated into two “splits”. One split is a season played in the Spring, while the other is played in Summer. At the end of the season, the winner of the summer split, the team with the most championship points, and the winner of the gauntlet tournament qualify for the League of Legends World Championship. Bovada and other sports betting sites accepting US players have odds for every aspect of the LoL Championship Series every year.

League Of Legends Worlds Roundtable Championship Betting

The Worlds Roundtable Championship for League of Legends is a huge deal, not just for players but for fans and bettors as well. There is a group stage and a play-in stage for this Championship, each of which comes with their own mountain of wagers on the events as they are broken down into groups and brackets from all of the best teams worldwide. Live in-game betting on the tournament is offered at sports betting sites accepting League of Legends wagers and is very popular along with prop bets for teams and players.

Then of course there is the most common wager being which team will end up winning the coveted “Champion” title. Of all the wagers for the League of Legends Worlds Roundtable Championship, choosing the winner of the entire event proves to be the hardest as anything can happen due to the skill set of each team competing. They each are comprised of the top players in the world for the League of Legends game.

League Of Legends Champions Korea

The League Of Legends Champions Korea league, formerly known as League Of Legends Champions until 2014, is home to the professional League Of Legend team in Korea. The league also runs on a two split-season system in which they can earn qualification to the League Of Legends World Championship. League Of Legends Champions Korea, abbreviated as LCK, is typically regarded as the highest of competition throughout all the major 13 leagues. As a matter of fact, teams from LCK won every League Of Legends World Championship from 2013-2017.

Popular League Of Legends Teams


Fnatic has been one of the esports teams that have been around since the first-ever League Of Legends World Championship. They also won the very first Summoner’s Trophy. Since their inception. Fnatic has played against the likes of powerhouse international teams like Moscow 5, CLG.EU, and Alliance. After losing their captain, xPeke, and placing second at the World Championship in 2018, they won Rift Rivals in 2019 and LEC 2019 Regional Finals.

Royal Never Give Up

Formed in 2015, Royal Never Give Up quietly ascended into the upper ranks of the League Of Legends Pro League. IN their domestic homeland of China, the team hasn’t played up to their potential, but on the international level, they have really made a name for themselves. Led by their superstar, Uzi, Royal Never Give Up had their best season in 2018, notching six out of seven wins.

G2 Esports

Created in 2013 by Carlos Rodriguez Santiago, the G2 Esports League of Legends team has a distinct history of excellence. The original lineup of Expect, Trick, Perkz, Zven, and Mithy was a formidable team and even after original team members left, G2 was able to reassemble another powerhouse. To date G2 has won the following premiere tier tournaments: 2014 EU CS Summer, 2016 Spring EU LCS, 2016 Summer EU LCS, 2017 Spring EU LCS, 2017 Summer EU LCS, 2019 Spring LEC, 2019 MSI, 2020 Summer LEC, 2020 Spring LEC, 2022 Spring LEC. It’s just a small example of how consistent they are and why they are one of the best ever at LoL esports.

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