Last updated on: January 13th, 2022

Famous Sports Bettors: Marco D’Angelo Bio

Marco D’Angelo is known as one of the good guys in the sports betting business due to his openness, honesty, and desire to help other gamblers. While most sharps live private lives or fail to disclose information on their wagering style, D’Angelo is more inclined to detail his mindset. Gambling for forty years, D’Angelo has grown from a horse racing betting to a sports bettor and now is featured on many websites, shows, and podcasts discussing betting lines and odds.

You may have seen him on ESPN or Sports Overnight America, heard him on Yahoo Sports Radio, or just have followed along with his college or pro picks. But whether you have or haven’t, learning about D’Angelo and his style of wagering will definitely be beneficial for you moving forward. D’Angelo is keen on betting with confidence, which is why he gambles on a percentage system. Over betting is never in the mind of this famous bettor, as he continually will bet a smaller percentage of his budget time and time again and let his ability to pick winners do the talking, rather than chasing losses.

Marco D’Angelo’s Entry Into Sports Betting

D’Angelo has been betting for a long time and started in his high school days betting on horses. This made him come up very fast as this opened his eyes to a lot of money that would help him place bigger bets in the future. Saving over thousands of dollars from local bookie betting at home, D’Angelo still struggled a little although he continued to keep making bold bets. After understanding his own strategy, this is where D’Anglelo starts winning big bets earning him tons of cash. Ever since then he is now helping others.

The Wagering Style of Marco D’Angelo

Looking at the data is important if you are to ask any sports betting sharp or pick predictor. However, D’Angelo tends to focus on other intangible indicators. The “Marco-isms” called by his friends and customers are idiosyncrasies that prove stats lie and there is more to every game than meets the eye. Two of his most common indications come when teams are playing a “gimme” in the middle of two elite teams or when a valued member on the roster is injured.

In D’Angelo’s mind for the former, two primetime games before and after a regular game in the middle may cause teams and players to overlook the matchup or keep their focus from solely being on the present game. For the latter, D’Angelo believes that oddsmakers overestimate the effect of injured players and likes to bet on the team who lost the player to be victorious. In his mind, the players are more locked in and are focused on the job at hand. However, after that first game, he claims bettors need to watch out for, as the media coverage and mindset of the team shifts into power, which can remove their focus from having that competitive edge.

D’Angelo also bets each game on a percentage system. Generally, bets never exceed 5% of his bankroll and he implements a confidence system, which indicates how much he will wager on each action. Discipline is key according to D’Angelo, as he claims a few wins or losses in a row may have you wanting to increase your percentage to keep going or make up for losses. Also, bettors should focus on at most three games a game, according to D’Angelo as you never want to bet on a game just to bet.

D’Angelo’s Pick Service

Whether you follow his twitter account or are a member of one of the few sites he posts free and paid picks, he has helped many bettors for many years. He was the manager of but now spends the majority of his time and

D’Angelo also operates a podcast called Betting First Look which details betting data through a variety of writers and pundits on a weekly basis. His mindset is that he will win you money and has even given a 150% refund should you lose with him. While it happens, it is quite rare, as D’Angelo has recorded one of the longest documented streaks of baseball betting. In 2010, he won 25 games in a row with none of the wagers being over -120 in odds.

Bet On It With Marco D’Angelo

Marco D’Angelo has had plenty of success as a famous sports bettor over the years through multiple outlets like and podcasts. His podcast Bet On It has grown a large audience of listeners. The podcast gives betting advice and goes over the general aspects of the game while remaining entertaining. Gianni “The Greek” Karalis is a co-host with D’Angelo. Karelis is another famous sports bettor. The podcast is an extension of and its main focus is college and pro football. Videos of the podcast can be found on YouTube. D’Angelo is one of a number of famous sports bettors that have transitioned into making money off of their knowledge of gambling on sports rather than engaging in the activity as their sole source of income.

D’Angelo’s Expert Pick Life

Marco D’Angelo has been finding a multitude of success as a sports betting expert using various outlets to offer picks to sports bettors everywhere. He has won the Preferred Picks Wise Guy Football Contest twice, implementing his strategies to do so. D’Angelo’s signature is picking the College Football Game of the Year. His record is 26-8 through his 34 years in the industry. Despite being a very successful and busy man come game time during any season, although horse racing, baseball, and football are what he’s best at, D’Angelo still finds time to continue making guest appearances on numerous TV and radio shows to discuss gambling on sporting events. His sports wagering podcast, “The Betting First Look Show” airs for free on a daily basis for any gambler looking for some advice from a professional sports handicapper.