Last updated on: September 22nd, 2022

CG Sportsbook Review Las Vegas, Nevada

CG Sportsbook is an all-encompassing sports betting company operating out of multiple locations in Las Vegas, Nevada. They pioneered the mobile platform aspect of wagering on sporting events by creating the first app for their customers to be able to place bets. They currently have eight locations within the city of Las Vegas where residents can go to place wagers on sporting events and create their mobile app accounts as they have to be done on-site.

CG offers everything a sports gambler is looking for. They have a variety of wagers to go along with the vast amount of sports they cover. With terrific locations in all of Vegas’ top hotels and casinos, visitors could not ask for more. And with the use of a mobile betting platform, they have made gambling on sporting events even better. Their mobile sportsbooks have also gone East as of 2019, and can now be found in the state of New Jersey as well.

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When Did CG Sportsbook Launch?

CG Sportsbook launched both its mobile and retail sports betting options in 2009. They quickly developed into one of the primary sports betting providers in Las Vegas, aided largely by the fact that they were the first company in Vegas to develop a sports betting app to complement their retail locations. They have spent over a decade developing and cultivating consumer trust, and as a result they have firmly established themselves as one of the best sports betting firms in Nevada.

Where Are CG Sportsbooks Located?

CG’s sportsbooks are located throughout Nevada. Even after the Supreme Court overturned the PASPA to pave the way for legal sports betting in other states, Nevada still has vastly more retail sports betting locations than any other state. The location of sportsbooks within each casino differ, but generally, there will be more than adequate signage to direct patrons. Otherwise, staff are always on hand to assist. CG’s prominent Nevada partners include:

  • The Palazzo
  • Silverton Casino Hotel
  • Palms Casino Resort
  • Tropicana Las Vegas
  • The Cosmopolitan
  • Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
  • The Venetian
  • M Resort Spa & Casino

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At The CG Sportsbook?

All sports bettors in Nevada, whether they are betting at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook or via a mobile app, must be at least 21 years old. All Nevada sportsbooks, including CG, will require valid proof of ID before you either enter a casino or withdraw winnings from an online betting account. While this restriction is unfortunate for younger bettors, it does at least ensure that all Vegas sportsbooks take full advantage of their liquor licenses.

Does The CG Sportsbook Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

CG Sportsbook offers full-service sports betting to its customers. They have a multitude of events and wagers for their members to participate in. This sportsbook offers something for everyone in terms of the number of sports they cover. Even the pickiest of bettors will be able to find a wager that they are interested in making. From straight bets and parlays to round robins, teasers, futures, and live betting, there is no shortage of action at CG Sportsbook.

Mobile Wagering At The CG Sportsbook

Mobile wagering started at the CG sportsbook back in 2009. All of their customers in the state of Nevada are eligible to use their mobile app. The use of their mobile sportsbook is the most convenient way for a bettor to play. Unfortunately, CG, like all Nevada sportsbooks, requires that bettors register their account in person before they are allowed to freely bet using their mobile devices. CG’s online sportsbook is geofenced to the state of Nevada, but you can use it from anywhere in the state. The in-person registration requirement is simply a way for casinos to funnel more people into their facilities, where they are likely to earn more money. 

Live Betting At The CG Sportsbook

CG Sportsbooks offers its customers live in-game betting at all of their locations and through their mobile platform. CG allows for you to bet on more than just the outcome of a match, giving wagers that are everchanging by the minute. You will be able to wager on different aspects of the games as they happen live. The updates to statistics as well as the bets are constantly being updated as the game progresses. You’ll be able to see the results of your wager rather quickly as this type of gambling is a fast-paced, quick result way of placing bets.

CG Sportsbook FAQs

What Promotions Does CG Sportsbook Offer?

CG Sportsbook is constantly changing its promotions. At all seven of their Las Vegas locations, visitors that wish to open a sports betting account can do so. Once they do they will also be able to access the mobile feature offered by the sportsbook. After becoming a member, they are currently offering $100 deposit bonuses to all new customers with the proper amount of wagering activity. With a deposit minimum of $25, members can begin betting. Once they’ve wagered $100 worth of bets, they will be awarded $100 to use on whatever they’d like with the promotion.

Is Their A Rewards Program Or Card From CG Sportsbook?

Currently, CG Sportsbook locations do not offer rewards programs or points. This is surprising to many people as so many bettors are used to sports betting websites giving their members some sort of loyalty program. Instead, CG offers its gamblers promotions based on their wagering activity.

Is There A Team Maximum On Parlay Cards At CG Sportsbook?

The maximum number of parlay cards at any CG Sportsbook location is eight. This is a set number. The larger the parlay, the more risk the bettor takes on. However, the payouts can be astronomical which is why many experienced bettors try their hand at parlay cards. 

How Do I Withdrawal Funds From By CG Sportsbook Account?

While betting on sports is half of the battle, getting your money out of your sports betting account shouldn’t be an issue. With CG Sportsbook, al cash withdrawals must be done so inside the sportsbook that you signed up your account with. However, for those who are visiting, bettors are also given the opportunity to have a check mailed to them (contact: or receive a wire transfer (if and only if the deposit was made this way).

Name: CG Sportsbook​

Date Opened: 2009

Location: 8 Locations in Nevada

Phone: 702-677-3830

Players Club?: Yes

Mobile Betting: Yes

High Limits: Vary

Hours: vary by location

Betting Age: 21

Hotel: Yes

Casino Attached: Yes