Last updated on: October 19th, 2022

Freehold Raceway Sportsbook Review

New Jersey has statewide online and land-based sports wagering, the bulk of which launched relatively shortly after the US Supreme Court finally overturned the federal sports wagering ban, PASPA, in May 2018. All of the major Atlantic City casinos launched their own physical sportsbooks within the 2018 calendar year, as did two of NJ’s three racetrack venues, Monmouth Park and The Meadowlands. The only operational, licensed facility to abstain was Freehold Raceway.


This abstention from legal sports wagering wasn’t permanent, of course, and was largely due to various partnerships and logistical issues. Fortunately, all those delays are now worked out, with Freehold Raceway in central New Jersey (in the city of Freehold, naturally) finally opening their sports betting lounge in September of 2020. Freehold now has a full-service sportsbook that is open to the public.

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When Did The Freehold Raceway Sportsbook Launch?

The sportsbook at Freehold was finally able to open in September of 2020. The sportsbook itself is known as the Parx Sportsbook at Freehold Raceway. It took awhile for the Raceway to get sports betting up and running, with several plans dying before they could come to fruition. Freehold’s parent companies, Penn National Gaming and Greenwood Racing, ended up having to apply for a new sports betting license and were able to launch by the end of 2020. The sportsbook itself is currently subject to New Jersey’s COVID-19 restrictions, but it is fully functional, and, indeed, even opened in the midst of the pandemic.

While the sportsbook is now open, it is worth mentioning that Freehold still holds their legendary racebook. Freehold Raceway is a timeless, classic venue for horse racing. It incorporates simulcast racing technology and allows bets on both live and streamed races. In order for Freehold to remain competitive in the second largest and most developed sports betting markets in the country, the company will need to find the money for a world-class sportsbook with an integrated lounge area and a full array of betting types. With wealthy benefactors like Penn National, this should be attainable.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At The Freehold Raceway Sportsbook?

You must be at least 21 years old or older in order to wager at the Freehold Raceway sportsbook. This is New Jersey law and is strictly enforced by all sportsbooks operating in New Jersey legally. This includes international sites as well. The Freehold Raceway won’t even allow you inside the sports lounge as there is an open bar. You must be able to provide legal documentation like a government-issued ID to prove you are of the legal sports betting age in New Jersey. There are no exceptions to this rule as the casino could run the risk of losing its betting license.

Does The Freehold Raceway Sportsbook Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

The Freehold Raceway sportsbook offers full-service sports betting after launching before the 2020 NFL season. This is called “single-game” or “Vegas-style” sports betting, which is a fancy way of saying that you can pretty much bet on any aspect of the game you like. You can place straight wagers (money lines, spreads, totals) and parlays alike, and there are plenty of futures bets on the boards for all the major national and international sports. Given its American audience, the Freehold sportsbook will obviously provide the most action and live betting opportunities on marquee NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA games, but you can also bet on international favorites like rugby, soccer, tennis, cricket, golf, and more.

As with all New Jersey sportsbooks, there are a couple of things that the Freehold Raceway book will never be allowed to offer (at least under the current laws governing sports betting in the Garden State): You cannot wager on NCAA teams from NJ (i.e. the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, the Princeton Tigers, or the Seton Hall Pirates), and you cannot wager on any NCAA matchups that take place inside NJ borders. If you’re a local college sports homer living in New Jersey, you’ll have to either drive to a neighboring state to place your bets or opt for a legal offshore sportsbook that offers action on your favorite amateur teams.

Mobile Wagering At The Freehold Raceway Sportsbook

With the Freehold Raceway sports betting app, sports bettors will find all the betting opportunities on offer at the physical sportsbook just online. All the betting lines, wager types, odds, and sporting events will be able to be bet on from the mobile betting app. The app is compatible with most tablets and smartphones, bringing sports betting to the palm of the patron’s hands. The online sportsbook is also accessible from a desktop computer or laptop from the main website. Using the app is the preferred way to bet on sports through Freehold Raceway due to the fact that you don’t have to come into contact with anyone and can remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The app is also available outside the casino so you can be sitting right at home and laying down some dollars on their odds.

Live Betting At The Freehold Raceway Sportsbook

Live betting is definitely going to be offered at the Freehold Raceway sportsbook, likely in the form of rapid-processing betting terminals that do not require ticketing employees or cashiers. These self-service kiosks will allow bettors to wager on in-game events. This is handled by utilizing custom software that offers dynamically-adjusting lines and props that change on-the-fly while the games themselves are being played. There is no more engrossing or entertaining way to immerse yourself into the biggest games of the day than by participating in live betting. You’ll even be able to enjoy in-game wagering on your Freehold Raceway betting app at launch!

Does the Freehold Raceway Sportsbook Have Any Specials For Customers?

As a pure horse racing and horse betting venue, the Freehold Raceway does not offer any specials, at least not regularly. Remember, in New Jersey, the state’s three racetracks – of which the Freehold Raceway is one – are not racinos. There are no slots, table games, or anything else. With sports betting added to the menu, new promos might be offered, especially as the sporting seasons change, and they’re definitely going to be something to look out for. As it stands now, Freehold regulars get a no-nonsense venue where they can watch and wager on the ponies, have a few drinks, and enjoy a good meal. That said, there are never any entry fees for attending live races or events at the Freehold Raceway, and that policy will not change with the addition of its new sportsbook.

Does the Freehold Raceway Sportsbook Offer A Player’s Card Rewards Platform?

As with promotions, there are no player’s card rewards on offer at the Freehold Raceway. However, again as with promotions, sports bettors tend to expect these things more than horseplayers, so there’s a good chance that the Freehold Raceway experience will soon include valuable perks and rewards. If the racebook is going to be anything like other books in the state, you can expect rebates, points-based perks, cash-back perks, and perhaps even frequent-player rewards. This looks to be especially likely when it comes to mobile sports betting, and you can be sure that the Freehold Raceway mobile sportsbook will offer several system-wide offers you can take full advantage of just as soon as Internet-based Freehold Raceway betting launches.

Does the Freehold Raceway Sportsbook Allow You To Make Parlay Wagers?

Yes, the Freehold sportsbook will definitely let you make parlay bets on all kinds of action. You will be able to combine multiple single-game or multi-game wagers within a given sport, and you’ll also be able to enjoy cross-sport parlays. There may be specific limits to consider (which will likely change depending on the time of year and what sports are in season), but these will always be communicated to you before you place your bets. However, as a horse racing book, the Freehold Raceway not only allows you to make parlays, but also to place bets like trifectas and superfectas, which are a bit like super-parlays. All in all, parlays are one of the best ways to wager on sports, and you can really pad your bankroll by hitting on a strong ticket (especially one that features a few underdog victories) at the Freehold Raceway.

Name: Freehold Raceway Sportsbook

Date Opened: 2019 Projection

Location: 130 Park Ave, Freehold, NJ 07728

Hours: Mon-Thurs: 12-10 p.m. , Fri: 12- 11 p.m. , Sat: 10 a.m. – 11 p.m. , Sun: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Phone: (732) 462-3800

Mobile Betting: Yes

Betting Age: 21

Hotel: No

Casino Attached: No

Freehold Raceway Sportsbook FAQs

What Can Be Expected From The Freehold Raceway Sportsbook App?

The online application that will be offered by the Freehold Raceway Sportsbook will offer everything that their lounge offers patrons but from the convenience of their phone. They will also allow customers to access accounts from a desktop computer through their website.

Will Promotions Be Offered At The Freehold Raceway Sportsbook?

While there is no definitive answer, it has been assumed that because of the competition offering their members promotions that Freehold Raceway will do the same. Once the location is open and their site is up and running, promotions should be listed.

Who Can Use The Freehold Raceway App?

Anyone the has reached the required age limit and is within New Jersey state lines is eligible to use the app to place wagers whenever they’d like.