Hard Rock Hotel Casino Atlantic City Sportsbook Review

With such a powerful brand, the Hard Rock Hotel Casino Atlantic City Sportsbook is sure to please sports bettors of all types. The casino and hospitality chain is recognized across the world for its musical charm and excellent service, and the Atlantic City property is no different. You’ll be instantly greeted by the globally recognized giant glowing guitar outside of the casino and a plethora of wagering opportunities once you enter the sports gambling area. Regular Hard Rock customers will also be eligible to use their Wild Card rewards to boost their sports betting experience with possible hotel accommodations, food and drink perks, as well as other promotional offers.

While there are many casinos to visit in New Jersey, the Hard Rock Hotel Casino Sportsbook in Atlantic City rivals all of them. They even make betting on sports easy by providing a mobile betting platform and a website you can use to wager on sports from no matter where you are in the state. So, while you’re on vacation and site seeing you can keep up with all the latest odds. In this review, we’ll break down everything you can expect from this particular sports wagering venue, along with any rules and extra features that can boost your legal sports betting experience.

When Did The Sportsbook at Hard Rock Hotel Casino Atlantic City Launch?

The state of New Jersey was already known for its robust gambling scene in Atlantic City for years now, but since legalizing sports betting in June of 2018, it has become an example for the rest of the country to follow. The Hard Rock Casino added to that impact by officially accepting sports bets in February of 2019, just before Super Bowl 53 was played. At the time, Hard Rock only opened a temporary sportsbook due to the lack of construction needed to implement the full features of what customers expected. The casino has since improved all aspects of the sports gambling experience by providing more TVs to watch the game, more seating, and an additional bar.

Where Is The Sportsbook in Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City Located?

The sportsbook at Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City is located in a subsection on the casino floor. It comes fully loaded with a bar, a total of 24 HD TVs, six friendly sportsbook writers on staff at all times and comfortable seating throughout. The area is open from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. or later but opens an hour earlier on Saturday and Sunday. There are no betting kiosks, but rather there is wifi available and the ability to use their mobile app is readily available 24 hours a day seven days a week. There is also an odds board is also displayed overhead so that you can keep up with any particular betting lines as you order any food or drink.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At The Atlantic City Hard Rock Casino Sportsbook?

The Atlantic City Hard Rock Casino Sportsbook follows the New Jersey gambling laws and will only allow patrons that are 21 and older to be able to bet on sports. This is the same age that is required to place a bet on their online sports betting website as well. You will have to present a valid government issued ID in person and online to ensure that no underage gambling is taking place on their premises or through any of their assets. While horse race betting is allowed in New Jersey and the legal age to bet on horse races is only 18, the Hard Rock Casino Sportsbook in Atlantic City does not currently offer pari-mutuel wagering opportunities.

Does The Sportsbook At Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

The sportsbook at Hard Rock Casino is exactly what you’d come to expect from any full-service sports wagering venue. Hard Rock offers all of the major wagering types including moneylines, spreads, totals, parlays, futures, props, and more. These types of wagers can also be placed on both teams in professional sports leagues, and collegiate sports teams. The only exception is that you can not bet on teams that are from the state of New Jersey or on sporting events that are taking place in New Jersey. That is not because of a choice from Hard Rock, rather it is part of the state’s gambling laws. The law also bans betting on high school athletic games and Esports events which is why Hard Rock doesn’t offer that either. Still, with betting lines for all five major team sports, along with betting lines set for boxing, MMA, Tennis, Rugby, Golf, and motorsports, there is plenty of action to be had at this sportsbook.

Mobile Wagering At The Hard Rock Atlantic City Casino Sportsbook

By far, the easiest and most convenient way to bet on sports at the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City is through mobile sports betting. Along with the grand unveiling of the casino’s sportsbook was the launch of their sports betting website HardRockSports.com. From there you can use your smartphone to simply log on, check all the latest odds, and bet to your heart’s desire. You could be relaxing by the Hard Rock pool, or inside your deluxe sweet while cashing in on the games that day. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to be inside Hard Rock at all to use the site and you don’t even have to book a room in order to be able to use the site. However, you do have to be within the borders of New Jersey in order for your wagers to count.

Live Betting At The Atlantic City Hard Rock Casino Sportsbook

If you want to take your wagering capabilities up a notch, the live betting feature at the Atlantic City Hard Rock sportsbook should do the trick. Live betting gives a whole new meaning to gambling on sports because instead of locking in your bets before a match begins, you have the ability to bet on events within the match as it takes place in real-time. These odds change frequently and quickly which is why thankfully this type of wagering is also available through your mobile device so that you don’t have to wait for a sportsbook writer to take in your bet. Live betting is usually reserved for the biggest matchups of the day and is most popular during football season.

Are There Any Sports Betting Promotions Being Offered At The Hard Rock Atlantic City?

Because the sportsbook at the Atlantic City Hard Rock is so new, there aren’t any specific promotions going on for sports betting. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t deals that can be taken advantage of to boost your experience while wagering on sports there. Exclusive offers change throughout the year so you only have to check the promotions tab on their website in order to keep up with all of the latest happenings at Hard Rock. Most of their deals are reserved for Players card members but other deals are available to the public but check out their $500,000 Pro Football Pick’Em Challenge.

Is It Worth It To Join The Wild Card Rewards Program?

Absolutely, as it provides the most complete experience at the Atlantic City Hard Rock Casino. Becoming a member of the Wild Card Rewards Program entitles you to earn different perks based on the level of membership you achieve. You start off as a premier member, then an Elite member, and lastly, you’ll be known as Rock Royalty. This can qualify you to earn comp dollars from slots and tables invitations to member-only slot tournaments and events, discounts on hotel rooms, discounts at the Rock Shop, Priority line at all of their dining options, and even complimentary tickets to concerts and shows.

How Do Parlay Bets Work At The Hard Rock Hotel And Casino In Atlantic City?

Parlay bets at the Atlantic City Hard Rock Casino sportsbook provide bettors the chance to tie to wagers into one individual one so that they can receive a higher payout on a smaller bet. For example, if you want to take the over on one game, but you also want to place a bet on the spread for another game, you can do so on one individual bet slip and win more in the case that both of those scenarios play out in your favor. If just one outcome doesn’t go your way, then the entire bet is lost. There is no limit to how many bets you can parlay, however, your chances of actually winning the bet decrease with the more bets you add.

How Do I Sign Up For Online Sports Betting At The Atlantic City Hard Rock Casino?

Online sports betting at Hard Rock Casino is handled through their website, HardRockSports.com. You don’t have to be inside the casino to sign up and you don’t even have to be located in the state of New Jersey to sign up. Registering to use the site is free and there is even a demo mode so that you can play some of their online casino games without risking any of your money. Once you do decide to start placing wagers on sports matchups and you happen to win, you can receive your earnings via bank transfer, ACH, check, or pick up cash at the Casino Cage in Atlantic City.

Which Online Sports Betting Platforms Are Offered In New Jersey Right Now?

Right now, there are well over a dozen online and mobile betting platforms that are available in New Jersey. The biggest rule regarding these platforms is that you cannot place wagers if you are located outside the state of New Jersey, even if you are a resident of the Garden State. The apps and the websites are geo-fenced by tracking your device’s IP address so it will know when you’ve left the state. Even if you are located in another state with legal online sports gambling such as Pennsylvania, you will not be able to use New Jersey sports betting websites such as the one provided by Hard Rock.