Monmouth Park Sportsbook Review

Not only a horse track anymore, we decided to provide a Monmouth Park Sportsbook review as the industry in New Jersey has flourished instantly. The book is operated by William Hill who provides a sports betting 101 informative guide to those who are new to wagering. Join their Sports Rewards Club and you will instantly reap the benefits as you get points for placing straight bets (1x), parlay/teasers (2x), and parlay cards (5x). After you receive 1,000 points, you earn yourself a dollar in free bets.

Our guide is to allow you to understand exactly what Monmouth Park has to offer when it comes to legal sports betting. Our review of the sportsbook at Monmouth Park includes information like when it opened, where it is located, wagering options available, and rules and standards for the venue. After reading this, you should be able to walk into the racetrack and confidently lay your money down in hopes of making a profit.

When Did Monmouth Park Sportsbook Launch?

Monmouth Park wasted no time to becoming the first sportsbook open in New Jersey. They opened their services on June 14th, 2018 and have allowed for gamblers to enjoy both the sports and horse section of their venue. This opening was all due to the fact that PASPA was overturned after a struggling effort from the state of New Jersey. They went all the way to the Supreme Court, who determined the former federal law was unconstitutional against the states’ rights.

Where In Monmouth Park Is The Sportsbook Located?

The sportsbook is located directly in front of the main entrance in the furthest area away from the horse racing track. After entering the gates, make a slight right and you will be walking right into the lounge. Their sports bar have over 100 HDTVs so you are sure to find the game you are looking for whether you are at the bar, a high top, or table. There isn’t much room for your papers or notes as this is set up more as a restaurant than a lounge, which is open seven days a week. The hours for the sportsbook are:

Monday – Thursday: 10 am – 1 am

Friday: 10 am – 2 am

Saturday: 8 am – 2 am

Sunday: 8 am – 1 am

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At Monmouth Park Sportsbook?

While betting on the horses is always available to those at age 18 in New Jersey, the ability to use the sportsbook requires a minimum age to bet of 21. This is a state law the legislators were firm on and this will not be changing. Do not attempt to gamble underage as you will be asked to present an ID and it is not worth the effort or backlash from law officials to even try.

Does The Sportsbook At Monmouth Park Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

Monmouth Park offers many different kind of wagers from straight bets on single-game wagering to parlays, teasers, futures and more. The only restriction is the inability to bet on college sporting events that are being played by a New Jersey university. This is a state law and you will not be able to find any action on these types of bets at any of the state’s bookmakers. If local college athletics are your specialty, check out an offshore sportsbook as they have no restrictions on wagering.

Mobile Wagering At Monmouth Park Sportsbook

Download the William Hill NJ App to get started with mobile wagering out of Monmouth Park. Here you will find the same wagering options you would find at the racetrack just on the go. The app limits your ability to take action from outside of the state and this is true of every casino’s bookmaker. State and federal laws prevent these operators from accepting a bet if you are located outside of NJ and they geolocate your coordinates to determine this. Like college wagering, check out an offshore operator if you travel a lot or are privy to leaving the state.

Live Betting At Monmouth Park

In-play wagers are allowed both at the racetrack and on the mobile app. This style of betting allows for you to lay your money down after a contest has already begun. Be sure to be quick because Monmouth Park Sportsbook reviews these lines as the game progresses and the odds are rapidly changing. This style is popular with more experienced gamblers who can determine how a game is flowing before entering into a bet.