Turning Stone Casino Resort Sportsbook Review

When looking to bet on sports in New York, use this review of Turning Stone Casino Resort Sportsbook as your guide to figuring out all of the details. The Turning Stone Casino partnered with Caesars Entertainment, one of the leaders in the sports betting industry, and is set to become one of the best and more luxurious of the tribal casinos throughout the state. Located in Verona – less than 40 miles east of Syracuse – this property will be the home for upstate residents and students of various Division III and NJCAA schools.

As each sportsbook in New York is vastly different, this page will be sure to detail all of the benefits and differences that set it aside from the ten other licensed sportsbooks in the state. The Lounge with Caesars at Turning Stone Casino offers much more than you would expect. Between learning about the history of the sportsbook, the regulations, and the benefits for becoming a Turing Stone Rewards cardmember, you will realize just how much of a luxury this venue is for locals in the area.

When Did The Lounge With Caesars Sports At Turning Stone Launch?

Sports betting in New York has been legalized since 2013; however, the casinos were not able to offer this form of gambling until the federal law known as PASPA was repealed. In May 2018, the Supreme Court decided the law was unconstitutional and voted in favor to remove it from the books. With this, the only thing left before sports betting in New York could launch was creating (and approving) regulations within the state. When this happened, New York sports betting went live, with the first casino launching in July 2019. As for Turning Stone’s Sportsbook, the Lounge With Caesars Sports, it launched on August 1, 2019.

Where Is The Turning Stone Sportsbook Located?

The permanent location for the Lounge with Caesars Sports is where the Season’s Harvest patio was once. The buffet has remained open, so be sure to head in there after placing a few bets to get some amazing food. If the buffet is not for you, grab a seat at one of the many comfortable seats after ordering a cocktail at the full-service bar as well as getting a bite to eat. Once you are seated, you will be able to watch the games on the main 500-square-foot curved television screen, which is visible from three sides. An additional dozen 65-inch screens and five 85-inch screens will also be displaying sporting events from around the world, so you can be sure that the action you are betting on will be available for viewing as well. The book is open from:

Monday: 11 am – 12 am
Tuesday: 11 am – 12 am
Wednesday: 11 am – 12 am
Thursday: 11 am – 12 am
Friday: 11 am – 12 am
Saturday: 10 am – 2 am
Sunday: 10 am – 2 am

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At Turning Stone?

You are in luck if you are visiting the Turning Stone Sportsbook because, unlike the commercial venues about the state, you only need to be 18 to play. This is true for the slots, table games, and sports betting. Feel blessed that you are given a three-year advantage over many of the other sportsbooks in New York and feel safe knowing you are legally acting within your right. Any person under 18 should not attempt to wager underage, as serious penalties can be brought forth when you are caught.

Does The Lounge With Caesars Sports Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

The sportsbook is a full-service or single-game sportsbook. This does not mean that you can only wager on one game but rather it is a way to indicate there are few stipulations. At Turning Stone, LED screens display live odds as well as betting lines for games upcoming and you are free to wager with a straight bet, parlay, teaser, and more. Keep in mind that New York sports betting regulations do not permit action to be taken on collegiate events that are hosted within the state or out-of-state events that consist of a New York-based university or college.

Mobile Betting At The Lounge With Caesars Sports

Unfortunately, Turning Stone does not offer mobile betting but this isn’t a situation based around the casino but rather state laws. According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, an additional voter referendum will be required in order for the state legislators to approve mobile wagering. When this happens, you will be able to wager with the book anywhere within the state. While you will be able to review the betting lines and your account information, attempting to wager while outside of the state will be blocked due to the casino following federal laws. There is no way around this since they geolocate your phone’s position unless you decide to use an offshore betting site.

Live Betting At Turning Stone Sportsbook

Live betting is available at the book, despite not having mobile betting. Whether you choose to wager before the game begins, as the action is unfolding, or during a timeout/end of the period, betting options will be available. Live betting is the best way to keep current with you parlays, hedge action from previous wagers, and even continue the excitement in a rather boring sporting event. If this form of gambling confuses you, simply as one of the ticket writers for help when placing your bet.

Turning Stone Caesars Sportsbook FAQ’s

What Promotions Are Offered At Turning Stone Caesars Sportsbook?

Turning Stone offers a variety of promotions. From slot promotions to bingo bonuses, poker room deals, and keno specials, there is always some sort of benefit for playing at Turning Stone Casino. Depending on the month (and day) you visit them, there will be a few opportunities to boost your bankroll by winning extra cash or receiving free play, which you can use toward gaming. The best one is probably their $50,000 Crazy Cash, which allows players an opportunity to take home the grand prize by gambling from July 8 to October 27.

What Are The Benefits Of Signing Up For A TS Rewards Card?

Signing up for a Turning Stone rewards car is extremely simple. All you need to do is visit the rewards desk and present a photo ID. Remember, you must be 18 to sign up for the program, which awards you points based on your gambling habits. Each point is worth $1 and you can earn points while playing at a variety of other casinos in the state. Take advantage of the give-tiered system and start receiving the benefits in no time.

How Do Parlays Work At Turning Stone Sportsbook?

Because the sportsbook is operated by Caesars, the same house rules will apply here as you would find anywhere at a Caesars-run book. Parlays are maxed out at odds of +29900 and “over-the-counter” parlays odds begin at +260. With every additional leg, the odds nearly double, where a 5-leg parlay pays out +2000 and an 8-leg parlay pays out +16000. They also offer “off-price” parlays, which allow you to pick selections that are not at the typical -110 odds. If confused, be sure to talk to a ticket writer before submitting your parlay… remember, the representatives at Turning Stone Casino’s sportsbook review the tickets and are there to help you.