Colorado Avalanche

  • The last time the Avalanche made it past the second round was during the 2009-2010 season.
  • The Blues have scored first in their last four playoff games played.
  • The Blues are 17-13 when on the road, as an underdog in the postseason.

DENVER – The Colorado Avalanche continued their hot streak in the 2022 NHL playoffs and took game one against the Saint Luis Blues at home. This game went into overtime, and the Avalanche have now won all five of their playoff games.

The Blues were able to tie the game in the early third period, but were not able to get it done in overtime. Colorado was already the favorite, but the odds have shortened significantly after Game 1.

Odds For Second Round

Team Current Odds To Win Series Previous Odds To Win Series
Avalanche -800 -380
Blues +525 +320

The Blues have a record of 17-13 in the playoffs when the are the underdog and away form home.

Odds For Game 2

  • Avalanche -240
  • Blues +200

Being that heavy of a favorite after only the first game, legal sports betting sites are going all in on the Avalanche.

Looking at the games played for the series odds, to end after five games is the shortest. There are also options to bet on the NHL that require bettors to get a little more technical and wager on how exactly the series will end.

Odds For Series Totals

  • 5 games +190
  • 6 games +275
  • 4 games +290
  • 7 games +325

Including Tuesday’s, the Blues have scored first in their last four games played.

Odds For Scoring First Goal

  • Avalanche -190
  • Blues +150

Avalanche Struggling In Past Years

Although they have become heavy favorites to advance to the quarter finals, Colorado has been knocked out during the second round over the last three seasons. The season before that, they lost in the first round.

The Blues did not make Game one easy, and should continue to strike, based off of their first-round statistics. Against the Minnesota Wild, the Blues scored eight power play goals, had an 11.7% overall shooting percentage and had 188 shots on goal.

They played with momentum against the Wild, and won three straight games to close the series. If they can pick up a win in Game 2, they could take all of the momentum home with them in St. Louis.

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