Offsetting Penalties

  • There are +120 odds on there being offsetting penalties in the Super Bowl.
  • There are +105 odds on there being a roughing the passer penalty.
  • Odds for a horse-collar tackle penalty are +450.

LOS ANGELESSuper Bowl 56 prop bets are a part of what makes betting on the big game enjoyable. What is great about some of the different prop bets is that they come with valuable underdog odds.

Some Super Bowl LVI prop bets specifically that have valuable underdog odds are those that come on different penalties being called in the game. There are odds on if there will be offsetting penalties, a roughing the passer call, or a horse caller tackle.

Odds On Offsetting Penalties

Will There Be Offsetting Penalties Called?

  • Yes +120
  • No -160

While offsetting penalties are rare in the NFL, they are still bound to happen at some point for every team. When looking to bet on there being offsetting penalties called in the Super Bowl, before flocking to the favored odds, there are trends that back up the longer odds.

Both teams have committed several offsetting penalties this season, however, the Los Angeles Rams have done it more often than the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Rams are tied for the third most offsetting penalties this season with six while the Bengals have just three.

Roughing The Passer Super Bowl Odds

Will There Be A Penalty For Roughing The Passer?

  • Yes +105
  • No -135

Roughing the passer penalties occur more often than some might think and both the Rams and Bengals have gotten tagged for this call this season. The Bengals have been penalized less than the Rams as they have been called for two roughing the passer calls this season compared to the Rams five.

Something to take note of though is that this is the first Super Bowl for many defensive linemen and linebackers. That said, they could be prone to attacking the quarterback more often which could result in one of these penalties being enforced.

Horse Collar Tackle Super Bowl Odds

Will There Be A Penalty For A Horse Collar Tackle?

  • Yes +450
  • No -775

Legal sports betting sites are giving the longest penalty odds to their being a horse-collar tackle in the Super Bowl. This is because neither team has been called for a horse-collar tackle all season long.

However, looking at the referee crew that will be officiating the Super Bowl, of the 15 horse-collar tackle penalties that have been called this season, Robert Torbert and his crew have called one of those penalties.

It is also worth noting that Cincinnati has drawn two horse-collar penalties this season which is tied for the most

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