Bill Krackomberger

  • A new sports betting podcast called Wise Kracks will be hosted by well-known sports bettor Bill Krackomberger
  • Rosalie Michaels, a daily fantasy sports analyst, will be co-hosting the show.
  • The podcast episode will be split into four parts including segments where Krackomberger gives his sports betting pick for the coming week.

LAS VEGAS – Sports betting master Bill Krackomberger will now be hosting a podcast for all sports bettors from novice to professional to get advice and tips on being a successful sports bettor.

Gaming Innovation Group has announced that it will be partnering with World Sports Network (WSN) to give sports betting fans a chance to be entertained and educated by a famous sports bettor.

At a time where legal sports betting is expanding across the US, bettors now have the opportunity to listen to a sports betting expert giving tips on wise bets to make constantly.

“I’ve been approached to do podcasts before but I believe this is the right place for it,” said Krackomberger “After betting on sports professionally for over twenty-five years I am looking forward to a show where we will educate sports bettors with real actionable advice every week.”

Daily fantasy sports analyst Rosalie Michaels will be joining Krackomberger for this “Wise Kracks” podcast.

Each Wise Kracks episode will have four segments. The first part of the show is strictly to teach bettors about concepts and ways to become more skilled bettors. The second segment will have a special guest from the world of sports, gambling, or both appearing to share more knowledge.

After that, both hosts will have conversations about currents events happening in sports gambling. During the ending segment of the show, Bill “KrackMan” Krackomberger will tell fans his choice in wagers to place for the upcoming week of sports.

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