• California Native American tribes have released a new advertisement attacking the California Solutions To Homelessness And Mental Health Support Act.
  • The advertisement is similar to ad campaigns run by Florida earlier in 2022.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Local Native American tribes in California have come together to release an advertisement attacking the California Solutions To Homelessness And Mental Health Support Act.

The Homelessness act is backed by major sports betting corporations like FanDuel and DraftKings. The Tribes have their own bill on the November ballot as well, the California Sports Wagering Regulation and Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act (Tribal Sports Wagering Act).

The advertisement is reminiscent of the ad campaign the Seminole Tribe of Florida ran to prevent sports betting from being put on the Florida ballot in 2022. The Seminole’s campaign was successful.

Tribes Fight For Exclusivity

The California Tribes have been long opposed to the Homelessness Act since the bill was approved by legislators. The main concern is that the Homelessness Act offers online sports betting statewide and invites “foreign companies” into the California market.

“The Corporate Online Gambling Proposition would legalize online and mobile sports gambling – turning virtually every cell phone, laptop, tablet and gaming console into a gambling device, increasing the risks of underage and problem gambling,” said Cody Martinez, Tribal Chairman, Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation. “We will run a vigorous campaign against this measure and are confident the voters will see through the deceptive promises being made by these out-of-state gambling corporations.”

The Homelessness Act has been marketed heavily, speaking mainly of the benefits that the added revenue will provide to Californians.

The tribes argue that the benefits are minuscule and that the bill mostly benefits companies who do not have the best interest at heart for Californians.

Both the Tribal Sports Wagering Act and the Homelessness Act will be voted on in November and the ad is aiming to steer voters away from the Homelessness Act. We will see in November if the ad was a success for the local tribes.

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