Two Kings

  • Catawba Nation announced its plans to launch North Carolina’s third in-person sportsbook at the Two Kings Casino by the start of football season.
  • The new sportsbook is especially important to N.C. residents in the eastern half of the state, as the first two sportsbooks were at least three-hour commutes from the largest cities.

KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. – In a week that was undoubtedly a letdown to many sports bettors in North Carolina, a positive development has taken place. The Catawba Nation-owned Two Kings Casino is likely to launch N.C.’s third in-person sportsbook.

The new sportsbook is expected to launch before this upcoming football season.

Importance Of The Announced Two Kings Sportsbook

The launching of a third in-person sportsbook to go along with the sportsbooks located in Cherokee and Murphy North Carolina are of particular importance for North Carolina’s residents on the eastern side of the state.

The Cherokee and Murphy sportsbooks were both over three hours away from North Carolina’s most populous city, Charlotte. The new Two Kings Casino is going to be located 35 miles outside of Charlotte.

Residents of Raleigh, Greensboro, and Fayetteville will all have their commute to the nearest sportsbook significantly decreased as well.

Online Sports Betting Failure In North Carolina

This was an overall difficult week for North Carolina sports betting. North Carolinian’s online sports betting hopes were crushed by a three-vote margin.

Two sports betting bills had been discussed, SB 38 passed and SB 688 was rejected on a 49-52 vote. Both bills were needed to advance to North Carolina’s house floor in order to call for a vote.

Thursday is the last day of the 2022 legislative session in North Carolina, so there is still a very slim chance North Carolina begins offering state-regulated online sportsbooks, but it is very unlikely.

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