FOX Sports App

  • FOX Sports has revamped its FOX Sports app and with new features.
  • The new app and site will also showcase odds for games both before they start and while they’re taking place.
  • TV subscribers can live stream all FOX Sports games directly from the app.

LOS ANGELESFOX Sports has unveiled a fully reimagined FOX Sports app and website with key new features including odds, scores, and live streaming.

The real-time odds that will be accessible via the app and site are powered by the FOX Bet Sportsbook and are naturally integrated throughout the newly realized FOX Sports app and site.

The updated website and sporting app are already accessible to fans just in time to start betting on the MLB when the league returns on Saturday, July 25 which will be airing its first game on FOX.

FOX Sports Revamp

The new and improved FOX Sports app and are coming with a slew of exciting new features for its users.

Key features on the app are the Stories, a user-friendly news section that displays the biggest topics of the day, live TV for FOX TV subscribers, updated scores of every game in real-time, and bonus cameras that will allow fans to view select games and events through unique app-exclusive cameras.

The main attraction, however, is the ability to see all the odds for every game on display throughout the app.

No matter what section users are using on the app if a game is a focus you will find the odds for that game powered by the FOX Bet sportsbook.

This includes if you are on the scores page, reading an article about a game or event, or are live streaming the games. This is apart of FOX Sports push on innovation in the sports betting arena.

“FOX Sports is known for innovation, and this forward-looking digital redesign marks a new era,” said David Katz, Executive Vice President and Head of Digital, FOX Sports. “Modern sports fans are passionate, engaged and uncompromising. Our bold, distinctive products provide them a fresh way to experience the leagues, teams and players they love.”

The new and improved FOX Sports app and the website is going to be a major tool for those involved in legal sports betting with its integrated odds system. The app is available for download right now in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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