Georgia Senate Chamber

  • Senate Bill 57 died after failing to advance out of the Senate Thursday.
  • House Bill 380 would also bring legal sports betting to Georgia without a constitutional amendment.
  • Unlike the failed Senate bill, HB 380 doesn’t include the legalization of horse racing.

ATLANTA – The failure of Senate Bill 57 doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for legal Georgia sports betting in 2023. Hopeful Georgia sports betting fans will count on House Bill 380 to regulate sports betting in GA this year.

House Bill 380 provides the same major goal of SB 57, regulating sports betting in Georgia without a constitutional amendment.

The absence of legal horse racing makes HB 380 different from the failed Senate bill.

A more detailed description of each bill emphasizes the impact this minor feature of SB 57 had on its failure.

The House bill focuses solely on legal sports betting, making it more likely to gain votes of animal rights activists and pass in the upcoming session.

The House bill also would fund state education programs through tax earnings from legal sports betting. The bill has plenty of convincing features that make it more appealing than the failed Senate Bill 57.

HB380 will be considered on the chamber floor on March 6, a decisive day that will determine the future of legal Georgia sports betting.

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