Lewis Hamilton

  • Lewis Hamilton is the (-155) betting favorite to win the F1 Drivers Championship.
  • Max Verstappen, despite holding the lead, has (+125) odds to win the title.
  • There are just two races remaining in the F1 season.

SAUDI ARABIAMax Verstappen has a lead in the driver standings and could clinch the Drivers Championship, but the odds say Lewis Hamilton will overtake him to win.

Verstappen has 351.5 points as opposed to Hamilton’s 343.5 points, ultimately giving the Red Bull driver an eight-point advantage. However, legal betting sites are favoring Hamilton to make a comeback and win the title.

F1 Drivers Championship Odds

  • Lewis Hamilton -155
  • Max Verstappen +125

All of the remaining drivers are mathematically eliminated from winning and have been for a few races now as Valtteri Bottas is currently in third, but trails Hamilton by 141.5 points.

There aren’t many opportunities left for Hamilton to close the gap, but the odds suggest he’ll get it done in the next two races.

The Upcoming Schedule

There is a race taking place on Sunday that will have major implications on the driver standings and the road to the Drivers Championship. However, there are a few ways in which Verstappen can clinch the title this weekend.

All scenarios require Hamilton to place sixth or worse which is highly improbably considering Verstappen and Hamilton have placed first and second in each of the last four races.

The odds suggest that the upcoming race, the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, will go to Hamilton, but there’s truly no telling as it’s the first time the track has been featured on the F1 schedule.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Odds

  • Lewis Hamilton -200
  • Max Verstappen +225
  • Valtteri Bottas +1200
  • Sergio Perez +2000

In the scenario in which the odds are correct and Hamilton wins while Verstappen finishes second, the two would be tied at the top of the standings with just one race remaining on the calendar. This assumes Hamilton would also have the bonus point for the fastest lap.

Those interested in betting on F1 may have a difficult choice to make. Anyone betting on Verstappen should likely do so before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and lock in the plus value odds. He’s finished first or second in 16 of the 20 races this season and needs just a first and second-place finish in the last two races to secure the title.

If he wins in Saudi Arabia, his F1 odds will shorten drastically. The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will go off at 12:30 p.m. EST on Sunday and can be seen on ESPN.

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