Howie Long

  • Howie Long becomes one of the latest FOX Sports staff members to join Fox Bet.
  • Long will take up promotional duties for the sportsbook as well as offer sporting analytical insight for patrons.
  • Long will not be giving his picks for betting lines.

MANHATTAN, N.Y.FOX Bet has added another FOX Sports personality to its long list of analysts and promoters. Howie Long now joins the FOX Bet team, bringing his game breakdowns and sports insight to the online sportsbook.

Long will be presenting pregame breakdowns of teams, discussing match-ups, and analyzing game matchups.

Long won’t be outright recommending any betting lines to wager on, but he will be working as an ambassador for the popular mobile betting app.

Long On FOX Bet

Long joining the FOX Bet team is an attempt to have Fox Bet separate from the competition. There have been many companies trying their hands in the sports betting arena and FOX Bet is aggressively working to have a leg up.

The retired NFL defensive end has become a major staple as a sports analyst for FOX Sports. This acquisition gives the sportsbook a premium that the competition does not share.

“At a time when a wide number of companies are dipping their toes into the facilitation of betting, executives see Long as an integral part of helping Fox’s sports betting offer stand apart from the rest,” said Andrew Schneider, chief marketing officer of Fox Bet. “Many are chasing projections of billions of dollars in potential revenue as state governments gradually lift regulations that have criminalized sports betting around the country. Morgan Stanley last year projected that the U.S. sports-betting market might generate nearly $7 billion in revenue by 2025, compared with $833 million in 2019. Fox Bet sees a potential audience of 40 million to 50 million non-bettors across the U.S. who might be enticed into taking part.”

Long joins other FOX Sports personalities to bring their talents to FOX Bet. This includes Hall of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw, former Denver Bronco and Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe, Charissa Thompson, and Colin Cowherd.

FOX Bet is looking to become the one-stop-shop for everything legal sports betting. The addition of Long is just another step in establishing itself as a premier betting locale.

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