Isleta Resort sportsbook is now open in it's forever home.

  • Isleta Resort soft-launched their sportsbook back in August.
  • The new permanent location for the Isleta Resort Sportsbook is now taking bets.
  • Bettors can wager on local college teams while taking advantage of the new facilities.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The Isleta Resort Sportsbook re-opened on Monday in its new permanent location.

The sportsbook in Isleta Resort and Casino first launched in August. The sportsbook launched in a temporary location while renovations for the casino continued.

The new location for the sportsbook was part of the $40 million renovation plan that started in 2017. The renovation plan included the new sportsbook and a food court. The new permanent sportsbook has more facilities and features that the old sportsbook did not have.

“We’re excited to unveil the best sports betting facility in the state of New Mexico, complete with a full-service bar, exciting viewing area, and the all-new Isleta Food Court next door,” said Harold Baugus, CEO of Isleta Resort and Casino.

There are now 50 different televisions in the new sportsbook. The sportsbook also has a full-service bar, a new seating area, and the renovated food court is next to the sportsbook.

Much like the older location, the sportsbook will continue to be operated by USBookmaking. USBookmaking is one of the top sportsbook providers that is based in Nevada. From football to NASCAR, the Isleta Resort Sportsbook has a wide menu of options. Something unique to Isleta Resort’s Sportsbook is that they can provide bets on local college teams. Other sportsbooks in New Mexico cannot take bets on New Mexico and New Mexico State.

With this new permanent sportsbook open, more people near Albuquerque have access to sports betting. There is no mobile wagering in New Mexico, so bettors will have to travel to wager on sports. Baugus hopes that this sportsbook will provide legal sports betting to customers from El Paso, Amarillo, and Southern Colorado.

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