Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

  • Joey Chestnut broke the hot dog eating world record in 2020 and 2021, currently at 76, and has -2500 odds to win the men’s competition.
  • Miki Sudo is returning after missing last year’s competition, and will be looking for her seventh victory, with -5000 odds for the women’s competition.

BROOKLYN – With the 2022 Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest creeping around the corner, the question is not necessarily who will win the men’s competition, but how many hot dogs Joey Chestnut will eat this year.

Odds For Joey Chestnut Total

  • Over 74.5 -115
  • Under 74.5 -115

Somehow Chestnut has managed to continuously eat more hot dogs, and set the world record each consecutive year. In 2020, he finished with 75 total eaten, and topped that in 2021 with 76. Joey also ate 74 hot dogs in 2018, but has never exceed 74 in any other of his other 11 win.

Looking at these past years, bettors can see that Chestnut seems to want to keep breaking his own records, with no slowing down in sight, at age 38. Even if he fails to set a new record by three full hotdogs, he would still hit the over at 74.

Odds To Win Event

  • Joey Chestnut -2500
  • Geoffrey Esper +700
  • Nick Wehry +1000
  • Darron Breeden +1200
  • Gideon Oji +2000

With Chestnut being such a heavy favorite, other props for the Hot Dog Contest make things a little more interesting, as the reward for betting on Chestnut winning would not result in an extremely high turnaround profit.

With -2500 odds, a bettor would have to wager $500 to receive a $20 payout.

BetOnline has head-to-head bets available, that allow wagers on which contestant will eat more hotdogs, but is not predicated on them winning the event.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Matchup Odds

  • Miki Sudo -135
  • Nick Wehry -105

Oddsmakers have this prop money line very close, with the two competitors not even eating in the same competition. Winning the woman’s competition six times, Miki has a personal record and ate 48 hotdogs in 2020.

In that same year, Nick Wehry at a total of 39.5 hotdogs, coming in third place, and making Miki the favorite for this head-to-head matchup.

Odds For Women’s Competition

  • Miki Sudo -5000
  • Other +700
  • Michelle Lesco +1000

On paper, it can be tempting to bet on Lesoc for the women’s competition this year because she took the crown during last years event. However, Miki Sudo did not even compete because she was pregnant with her first child.

Miki’s over for total hot dogs is set at 50.5 – well ahead of Lesco’s 31.5 projection.

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