Bengals Offensive Line

  • Joe Burrow was the most sacked quarterback in 2021 with 51 sacks.
  • The Bengals allowed the third-most sacks this season.
  • There are -165 odds on the Cincinnati Bengals drafting an offensive lineman.

CINCINNATI – With Super Bowl 56 no a thing of the past, it is time to shift the focus on the NFL to the NFL Draft and what different teams are going to do with their picks. One team that should have an eye kept on them is the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals should be looked at being that they are in desperate need of good quality offensive linemen to protect Joe Burrow. With that, legal online sportsbooks are favoring them selecting an O-Lineman with their first draft pick.

Will Cincinnati Bengals Draft Offensive Lineman With Their First Draft Pick? Odds

  • Yes -165
  • No +125

Down Goes Burrow

There are two main reasons as to why the Bengals NFL odds to draft an O-lineman are favored. The first is the number of sacks that they have allowed on Joe Burrow this season. Secondly, it is the injuries that Burrow has gone through by getting sacked so many times.

Over his first two seasons, Burrow has been sacked a total of 102 times including the regular season and playoffs. He was sacked 32 times his rookie season, 51 times this season, and 19 times during the Bengals Super Bowl run. The 51 sacks this season is the third most sacks that a team has allowed this season and Burrow is also the most sacked quarterback on the year as well.

Where things got rough was in the playoffs being that he went through a record 9 sacks against the Tennessee Titans in the Divisional Round. In the Super Bowl, Burrow had another sack record on him with 7.

As a result of being sacked so many times, Burrow has suffered two major injuries. The first ended his rookie season short as he suffered a torn ACL in Week 11. Fast track to the Bengals playoff run, in the Super Bowl more specifically, Burrow suffered a sprained MCL as a result of being sacked. Luckily the injury will not require surgery.

Burrow Extends Super Bowl Debut Streak

Some might argue that as a result of being sacked so many times it cost the Bengals the Super Bowl. With this Bengals loss though, an unlucky streak was extended. That is that of the 16 quarterbacks to lose in their Super Bowl debuts, none of them have ever made it back to the Super Bowl.

Joe Burrow and the Bengals could look to end that streak if they got some real protection for the soon-to-be elite quarterback.

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