2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

  • The Beijing Winter Olympics have -7500 to not be postponed.
  • There are also -10000 odds for the Olympics to not be canceled.

BEIJING – With all the COVID-19 issues among athletes across the world of sports, some are raising the concerns of whether the upcoming Winter Olympics can go on as scheduled.

Winter Olympics Odds To Be Postponed

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are not in danger of being postponed, at least according to the odds on legal sports betting sites. The original start date is scheduled for February 4, 2022.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics To Be Postponed Odds

  • Yes +1200
  • No -7500

The NHL recently postponed part of their season and with the Winter Olympics just a couple of months away, the concerns continue to rise. However, the NBA and NFL have been able to go throughout their season with minimal issues, showing that with all the planning time, there shouldn’t be any real threat for the Olympics being postponed.

Winter Olympics Odds To Be Canceled

The Olympic betting odds also show that there is even a lesser chance that the Olympics get canceled altogether. Barring something drastic happening between now and February 4, the Olympics seem to be safe.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics To Be Canceled Odds

  • Yes +2500
  • No -10000

The interesting thing about this bet is that the Olympics could theoretically be postponed over and over again before officially getting canceled, making this a bet that could remain open for years. It seems as if the only thing that could cancel these Olympics is something unforeseen occurring just before the Olympics were scheduled. Whether -10000 odds is worth it is up to the individual, but it seems like a near-lock.

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