ETF for sports betting

  • Roundhill Investments launched a new exchanged-trade fund for online sports betting and casino gaming—called BETZ.
  • Roundhill launched an e-sports ETF (NERD) in 2019 that has seen healthy growth.
  • ETFs are a great investment opportunity that consolidates many different assets to mitigate risks.
  • Both BETZ and NERD are primed for continued growth despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

NEW YORK – On Thursday, Roundhill Investments launched a new exchanged-trade fund (ETF) for digital sports betting and online casinos. This new ETF is called the Roundhill Sports Betting and iGaming ETF, listed as BETZ on the market.

Roundhill has also offered an esports ETF—listed as NERD— for over a year now; its value has increased by nearly 30% since its inception.

The new sports betting ETF will be tied to an index of sports betting and online gambling-related securities, including DraftKings (DKNG), Penn National Gaming Company (PENN), FanDuel parent company Flutter (FLTR), and more.

It will also include assets from companies that provide tech infrastructure for online gaming.

Put simply, it will monitor and track the performance of the online casino and sports betting industries, and reward investors based on that performance.

Roundhill’s new ETF comes on the heels of the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced many people around the world to shelter-in-place and has led to an increase in online gambling in certain markets.

Online gambling and sports betting companies have begun to see their value increase rapidly after a mid-March crash.

Stock prices for many popular gambling companies are higher now than they were pre-pandemic. Roundhill’s new ETF could be a good way for investors to capitalize on that surge.

What Are ETFs?

ETFs are publicly traded investment funds that can be bought and sold on traditional stock exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Essentially, they consolidate multiple securities into one tradeable fund. This both streamlines the investment process and reduces risk by spreading liabilities across multiple assets.

In other words, even if one online gambling company sees its stock price crash, BETZ ETF investors can still make money as long as the overall online gambling industry is performing well.

Of course, there are some caveats to ETFs. Unlike traditional stocks, which allow investors to purchase and sell individual units, ETFs must be bought and sold in blocks of tens of thousands of shares.

Additionally, only authorized investors can purchase and sell shares, which leaves direct trading of ETF shares inaccessible to the average investor. Instead, normal investors must purchase shares through a broker who charges a commission fee.

Outlook For Sports Betting And Esports ETFs

Here’s how Roundhill’s e-sports ETF (NERD) has performed so far:

  • 6-month low price: $12.39 – March 20. 2020
  • 6-month high price: $19.04 – May 4, 2020
  • 14-day change in price: +$1.32 (7.5%)
  • Current price: $18.87

The sports betting ETF only commenced trading on Thursday. Shares opened at $15.60 but spiked to $17.35 on Friday. For the first several days of trading, expect the price to fluctuate pretty wildly.

Overall, the online gambling industry is in a position for continued growth despite the economic hardships caused by COVID-19, so BETZ looks like a solid long-term investment opportunity.

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