Stephen Curry

  • Steph Curry has (+900) odds to break the all-time record for made 3-pointers against Portland on Wednesday.
  • Ray Allen holds the current record with 2,973 made 3-pointers.
  • Curry would need 15 3-pointers made to tie and 16 to break the record.

SAN FRANCISCOSteph Curry is within reach of becoming the all-time leader in 3-pointers made and odds are available for whether he’ll do it on Wednesday night.

Steph Curry Just 15 Behind Ray Allen

Steph Curry is already regarded as the greatest 3-point shooter of all-time despite not holding the record for most made in a career. However, that’s going to change sooner rather than later and legal sports betting sites have odds available for whether he becomes the all-time leader Wednesday against the Portland Trailblazers.

Will Steph Curry Break Ray Allen’s All-Time Record For Made 3 Point Shots On December 8th Vs Portland?

  • Yes (Makes 15+ 3 Point Shots) +900
  • No (Makes 0-14 3 Point Shots) -3500

The first thing to note about this wager is that the wording is a little off. Technically, Curry needs 16 3-pointers to break the record but the odds say that him hitting 15 is all he needs for the (+900) odds to cash. Regardless, it likely will not make much of a difference as the number seems insurmountable either way.

The record for most 3-pointers made in a game is 14 and was done so by Klay Thompson in 2018. With 70+ years of NBA basketball without anybody making 15 3-pointers in a game, the current line doesn’t seem rewarding enough to be worth betting on.

As a matter of fact, betting the other side, even with a (-3500) betting line, may be worth it. Of course, NBA betting sites have taken away a lot of value, but it can be considered as such a lock that it’s practically free money.

The Matchup Is Favorable

If there was a team in the NBA that Curry could do this against, it’s probably the Portland Trailblazers. They have the lowest defensive rating in the league and allow opponents to shoot the highest percentage in the league from 20-24 feet out.

It is worth noting that it’s possible that Curry doesn’t even attempt enough 3-pointers to have a chance at breaking the record. He’s shooting just 13.2 deep balls per game which is the most in his career but it is still well short of what’s needed to reach the record.

Curry has yet to hit 10 or more 3-pointers this season, making 15 or more seem even less possible than before. Even though he’s the greatest shooter to ever touch a basketball, it’s almost a guarantee that he will not have the single greatest shooting game in NBA history on Wednesday night.

The game will begin at 10 p.m. EST and can be seen on ESPN.

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