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  • The Brooklyn Nets (projected 8 seed) have better odds to win the NBA Finals than the Miami Heat (locked in 1 seed).
  • An 8-seeded team has never won the NBA Finals and an 8 seed has only beat a 1 seed five teams in the history of the NBA playoffs.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – The Nets are locked into the play-in tournament and are currently sitting at the eighth seed. They have the third-best odds to win the title at +570 and have two games left in the regular season.

The Nets are in a very unique position where the eighth seed has great NBA odds to win it all. Kevin Durant is back in the lineup and Kyrie Irving is available to play every single game with New York lifting the mask mandate (unless they were to end up in Toronto).

There is also hope that Ben Simmons will be able to suit up for the Nets at some point during their potential playoff run. The team announced he will miss the remainder of the regular season and is not expected to play in the play-in tournament.

Poor Odds For Past 8 Seeds

The 1999 New York Knicks were the only team in NBA history to make it to the NBA Finals as an 8 seed. They ended up losing the series and this postseason took place during a short regular season of only 50 games.

The Phoenix Suns are at the top in the West and the Heat are at the top in the East. Over the last 7 seasons, the lowest seed to win the finals was a 3 seed.

Every Seed To Win The Finals

  • 1 seeds- 53
  • 2 seeds- 12
  • 3 seeds- 8
  • 4 seeds- 1
  • 5 seeds- 0
  • 6 seeds- 1
  • 7 seeds- 0
  • 8 seeds- 0

Looking Up For The 8 Seeds

The Miami Heat have won 7 of their last 12 and are not facing any significant injury issues. With these circumstances, the number one seed in their conference would typically feel pretty comfortable about moving on to the next round. Eight seeds in the NBA since it started in 1946 have only beaten a one seed 6.75% of the time (five occasions).

In 2007, the 8 seed Golden State Warriors knocked off the top-seeded Dallas Mavericks and shocked the world. In 2012, the 76’ers pulled off their own shocking victory, by defeating the number one seed Bulls as an eighth seed. This was the last time this upset has been pulled off.

These two upsets are similar because sports fans did not see them coming. If the Nets stay as the projected 8 seed and Miami Heat, an upset is actually expected according to legal sportsbooks.

Odds To Win The NBA Finals

  • Suns +255
  • Bucks +460
  • Nets +570
  • Heat +900

Betting on the 8 seed would not be a crazy risk, and the Nets could be the most dangerous and first 8 seed to ever win the NBA Finals.

The play-in tournament begins on April 12th and runs through the 16th. If the regular season ended today, the Nets would face the depleted Cleveland Cavilers for the last seed in the 2021-2022 playoffs.

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