Chicago Bears

  • Despite the Los Angeles Chargers shortening into the top five in the entire NFL, the Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, and Cleveland Browns made the largest improvements in the eyes of NFL sportsbooks.
  • After a 15-point loss, the New York Jets’ odds lengthened the most out of any team in the league when they moved from +12500 to +20000.
  • The Carolina Panthers and San Francisco 49ers had their odds lengthen the second and third most respectively in the NFL following losses as favorites in Week One.

BUFFALO, N.Y. – With Week One of the NFL season nearly complete, oddsmakers have already begun making their adjustments to Super Bowl 57 futures bets.

Four of the five betting favorites remain, with only the Los Angeles Rams falling back in order to make room for the other team that calls SoFi Stadium home, the Los Angeles Chargers.

Super Bowl 57 odds

  • Buffalo Bills +500
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +700
  • Kansas City Chiefs +800
  • Green Bay Packers +1200
  • Los Angeles Chargers +1200

Biggest winners after Week One

The Chargers moved up two spots within NFL sportsbooks, but they do not represent the biggest winners of Week One.

Based on the difference in their odds ranking before Week One and before Week Two, the Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, and Cleveland Browns are the teams that gained the most positive momentum with the sportsbooks.

Team Week 1 Odds Week 1 Rank Week 2 Odds Week 2 Rank
Chicago Bears +15000 28 +10000 24
Philadelphia Eagles +2200 10 +1600 7
Cleveland Browns +5000 20 +4000 17

The Chicago Bears tied with the Houston Texans for the largest shortening of odds within the NFL following their home win against the San Francisco 49ers.

Betting on the Chicago Bears to win the Super Bowl is likely a bet on Chicago playing strong defense and fielding a strong rushing attack that focuses on dominating the time of possession.

The two other winners for the week, the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns, each saw their odds shorten for different reasons.

Philadelphia did not play as well as they may have expected, made clear by their inability to cover the six-point spread as a favorite against the Detroit Lions. Their odds likely only got shorter because of Dak Prescott’s injury for the Dallas Cowboys makes it even more likely that the Eagles win the NFC East and secure at least one home playoff game. Betting odds indicate that shift in likelihood, as the Eagles went from +160 odds to win the NFC East to outright favorites -170 odds following Week One.

Sportsbooks shortened the Cleveland Browns’ odds to win the Super Bowl because they won their Week One game against the Carolina Panthers 26 to 24, despite entering the game as a 1.5-point underdog.

Biggest losers after Week One

With the Browns moving up within the Super Bowl betting odds hierarchy it is only natural that their opponent, the Carolina Panthers, saw their odds ranking shift the most dramatically in the wrong direction.

Team Week 1 Odds Week 1 Rank Week 2 Odds Week 2 Rank
New York Jets +12500 24 +20000 30
San Francisco 49ers +1600 7 +2000 10
Carolina Panthers +12500 24 +15000 27

Carolina was not the only team that had odds move from very long to even longer, as bets on the New York Jets now come with nearly double their original values.

The Jets were the largest movers on the odds board of any team, with legal sportsbooks gifting bettors an additional $75 per $100 bet.

San Francisco’s Week One loss was likely the most impactful amongst teams with a realistic shot to take home the Lombardi, as Trey Lance’s struggles lengthen the 49ers’ odds significantly.

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