U.S. Canada border crossing.

  • Sports betting fans are wagering on the US-Canada travel ban being lifted after June 1.
  • The travel ban has been extended constantly for more than a year.
  • The current deadline for the ban is April 21.

DETROIT – With the US and Canada travel ban still in effect after more than a year, sportsbooks are starting to post betting lines surrounding the eventual lift.

The current line at legal sports betting sites is set at June 1, with betting fans placing action on if the ban will be lifted before or after the said date.

Oddsmakers are leaning in favor of the ban lasting past the June 1 date. Since the ban has been extended multiple times, it is no surprise bettors are placing action this way.

When Will Non-Essential Travel Restrictions Between Canada And The US Be Lifted At Land Crossings?

  • After June 1, 2021 -300
  • Before June 1. 2021 +200

The ban has been ongoing since the US shut down back in March 2020 and Canada has not accepted any non-essential travel across its borders since then.

The border ban has been continuously extended, with the current end date set for April 21, 2021, but many expect it to continue to past this date, as that has been the status quo.

Looking at the odds, however, leaning in favor of the before at +200 could be a wise bet based on a few factors.

For starters, while the Canada travel ban only allowed for essential personal to cross the borders, they do still accept some US travel back and forth.

What this means is that a pipeline between the two counties is still ongoing, even in a limited capacity. As COVID-19 continues to plague the two nations, the need to reopen the borders will only grow due to the economic strains caused by the virus.

In addition, currently, 40% of US adults are vaccinated with plans to increase this number by Summer.

More than 165 million doses of the vaccine have been issued as of April 4, making the US the most vaccinated country currently.

With that, Canada may host a stipulation, allowing international travel to US citizens who are vaccinated, thus opening up the borders before the June 1 deadline set by the sportsbooks.

Those betting in the states should note, however, that should the travel ban be lifted on June 1 exactly, the wager is likely to become a push.

With the ban set for 30 days at a time, and the current deadline being April 21, it is unlikely for a push to occur.

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