Dan Snyder is seeking to have his own sports betting license in Maryland or Virginia.

  • The Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder wants to build a new stadium.
  • Snyder seems to be increasingly interested in allowing a sportsbook to open in his new stadium.
  • The new Redskins stadium could be in either Maryland or Virginia, depending on where the stadium could get a sports betting license.

WASHINGTON – The Washington Redskins are looking to move their stadium location to a different site after 2027. To bring in more people, Redskins owner Dan Snyder wants to bring sports gambling into the mix.

While Washington D.C. does allow professional sports stadiums to host sportsbooks, the Redskins stadium will have to be located either in the state of Maryland or Virginia. Both states are considering legalizing sports betting, which is why Dan Snyder, owner of the Redskins, is looking to see where his new stadium can host a sportsbook.

Vying For A Sports Betting License

Snyder wants the Redskins to either play in Maryland or Virginia. What is most important to him is that in either location, a sportsbook can operate in the new Redskins stadium. However, neither state can legally operate land-based sportsbooks. Neither state has legal sports betting available yet.

But that could change in the future. Maryland pre-filed a sports betting bill before the end of 2019. Snyder has been lobbying Maryland lawmakers to allow him to build a stadium with a sports betting license. For the moment, Maryland lawmakers do not seem interested in doing so.

Virginia is also on the path towards sports betting legalization. VA SB 384 is the bill that could potentially bring sports betting to Virginia. Snyder has more lobbying power in that state, and that could lead for the bill to pass.

The bill could also include an amendment that will allow stadiums and its owners to acquire a sports betting license. However, this also could not happen as the Washington Redskins are not yet in Virginia. The Redskins are committed to playing in FedEx Field until 2027. Debating on that provision could be a waste of time for lawmakers in VA.

A Reason To Relocate

Snyder is hoping that having sports betting in his new Redskins stadium will revitalize interest in the team. The Redskins ended the 2019 season with three wins and 13 losses. That was the second-worst record in the league during the last season.

The team’s lackluster performance is not the only reason why Snyder wants to move the stadium. Reports of the high ticket cost is also partly to blame for wanting to move. Not only that, there is nothing near the stadium to keep fans around before and after the games.

No matter what happens, the Redskins must continue to play in their current stadium for the next few years. After that, Snyder could move the team to their new stadium with its potential future sportsbook.

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