Last updated on: August 21st, 2022

How To Bet On Madden

Though betting on Madden is finally getting the spotlight recently, it is something that’s been around for a while. The rise of Electronic Arts’ video game series Madden NFL as a prominent betting outlet has been brewing for years. Ever since the introduction of the Madden Bowl in 1995, competitive gaming surrounding the franchise has been constant. Nowadays, players from around the world compete to be the very best at the latest edition of Madden every year in various tournaments, leagues, and events.

In today’s market, esports is becoming a household commonality, and have seen incredible popularity spikes over the last couple of years. It is very common to see Madden being played on major sports networks like ESPN and Fox Sports. This popularity spike has led to a surge in esports betting and legal sports betting on Madden in particular. Online sportsbooks have jumped on the opportunity to offer esports odds and that is no different for those looking to bet on Madden.

Betting On Madden

Is It Legal To Bet On Madden?

Betting on Madden is a completely legal activity, available through a few different outlets. Those looking to wager on Madden first need to decide what type of sportsbook they want to use. If you are located within the US, then you should check to see if your state offers legal state-licensed sports betting. Currently, the only US states that offer licensed esports betting platforms are Nevada, New Jersey, and Colorado. US states are rapidly passing legislation that is leading to more and more states offering sports betting. If your state happens to be one on the cutting edge of the gambling law, then check out your local sportsbook to see if they have odds on esports like Madden.

If you don’t happen to live in a legal betting state then there is nothing to worry about. Simply use any of the online sportsbooks we recommend, and you will be able to bet on Madden esports competitions from anywhere. These online sportsbooks are based internationally and are therefore out of the jurisdiction of US regulations. This means there is no danger or risk by using these sites to bet on Madden. Simply create an account and you will have access to all of the best esports odds and lines.

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What Bets Can You Make On Madden?

Betting on Madden is very similar to betting on NFL football itself, with a few minor tweaks and stipulations. Due to the game of Madden emulating a real football game, most of the same terms such as spread, moneyline, over/under, and prop bets still apply. Here we will go over the most common Madden bets.

Betting the Spread

Just like in real-world football, sportsbooks will set a spread on Madden matchups to help handicap the favorite and encourage betting. If you are unfamiliar with a spread, this a set amount of points given to the favored player according to how much the book thinks they will win by. You then have the option of betting the player to win by more than that amount (cover) or to win by less than the amount or lose outright. Here is an example of a spread bet for Madden.

  • Michael Skimbo (-7)
  • Raidel Brito (+7)

In this example, Michael Skimbo will have to win by more than seven points in order for a bet on him to payout. This is the case no matter which team he picks when he plays against Brito.


Moneyline bets are the simplest bets in the sportsbook, as you are simply picking which player you think will win outright. The odds will come with a number signifying the favorite and their payout ratio. The player with the minus (-) is the favorite and the player with the plus (+) is the underdog. The odds work odd off a $100 base bet where the number given is the amount received based on the original bet. For example:

  • Drini Gjoka (-250)
  • Shay Kivlen (+150)

In this matchup, a $100 wager on Kivlen would receive $150 in winnings, whereas you would need to bet $250 on Gjoka to receive a $100 payout.


Over/under bets are another popular bet for standard football that translates well to Madden competitions. In this bet, the oddsmakers will set a total score for both players, and you will be in charge of determining if the bet will go over or under that amount. As far as scoring goes, games of professional Madden tend to be around the same ballpark as regular NFL matchups, with typical totals being in the 20s and 30s. Take this example for reference.

Shay Kivlen vs Eli Clayton
  • Over 36 ½ -110
  • Under 36 ½ -140

Futures / Prop Bets

Future bets for Madden events are extremely popular due to the tournament aspect of the competition. Here you will be able to bet on which player you think will win an overall tournament or event. Prop bets for Madden will generally have to deal with the players performance in the tournament, such as which round they will reach, or how many rushing TD’s they will score, and endless other possibilities. Here is an example of a futures bet:

Odds to win 2020 Ultimate League
  • Michael Skimbo +200
  • Raidel Brito +300
  • Drini Gjoka +450
  • Shay Kivlen +600
  • Eli Clayton +600
  • Trae Bapes +850
  • Chris McFarland +1000
  • Joel Porter +1000
  • Eric Wright +1200
  • Taylor Roberton +1800
  • Michael Scott +2500
  • Stephen Javaruski +2500
  • Kent Auslander +4000
  • Jahmal Daniels +4000
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MyBookie Sportsbook

MyBookie – The Place To Bet On Madden

MyBookie Sportsbook is one of the top sports betting platforms for gamblers looking to wager on Madden events. It is a legal and safe way to get in on all of the Madden action for players across the nation except for those living in Nevada, New Jersey, and New York. When the tournaments are in season, MyBookie will be covering numerous matchups with tons of bets from the moneyline to props for each tournament for members to wager on daily. There is no shortage of Madden betting options for enthusiastic fans and sports bettors looking for a little something different.

MyBookie members can access their accounts from any mobile device with internet capabilities which allows them to gamble on the games whenever they’d like to from wherever they are. Not only that, but this platform offers its members rewards and promotions that are constantly changing. Currently, they are running a “Welcome Bonus” for new members that will match the first deposit made to an account by 100% up to $1000 using the promo code MYB100. That’s up to $1000 in free-play money to gamble on Madden or anything else on the sportsbook for the chance to win real money from those wagers.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline – Calling All Madden Lovers For Betting

BetOnline Sportsbook is a terrific option for gamblers that love to wager on Madden events. This internet sports wagering outlet is legal for residents everywhere in the United States to use except for those residing in New Jersey. When Madden tournaments are taking place, you can bet that BetOnline will be listing the matches daily with props, straight bets, totals, and a plethora of other wagers tied to each game for gamblers to participate in. While this is an internet site, they are fully accessible through cellphones which allows bettors to wager on Madden 24/7 as they carry their phones with them everywhere.

Not only is this website safe, legal, convenient, and full of Madden options, they also offer their members a variety of promotions and rewards that are continuously changing with the seasons. At the moment, all new members are entitled to a “Welcome Bonus” that will match 50% of the first deposit made to a player’s account up to $1000. The promo code to redeem this offer and begin betting on Madden and other sporting events is BOL1000.

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How to Bet On Madden With Your Phone

With esports betting becoming such a popular activity, bettors are always looking for the newest sportsbook features to make the process easier. Mobile sports betting is a necessity for any great betting platform, and with today’s technology, it is already covered. If you are in one of the few states with legal, licensed esports betting, then there will most likely be an app ready for download. If you are in any of the other states, the online international sportsbooks are full accessible right from your mobile internet browser, no download required.

How To Make Money From Betting on Madden

Once you have decided on your sportsbook and found some events for betting on Madden, you must first actually deposit betting funds into your account. There are a few different methods to deposit depending on which betting service you are using. For a state-licensed sportsbook, you will either have to deposit at the physical sportsbook or via their online app. Most state-licensed books accept deposits via cash and card, or with other methods like casino chips. Be sure to check the deposit and withdraw methods at your sportsbook’s website.

For those using online international sportsbooks, there are a couple of different methods of transaction. For depositing, most sites will accept credit or debit cards. However, when using a card there are typically bank fees due to the international transaction and extended wait times. Most of these sites also accept cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. We recommend using Bitcoin due to the safety and speed of the transaction, especially for withdrawals. When withdrawing, the sites will offer a check by courier service that can take up to 15 business days to arrive. Whereas with crypto, you can have your funds available in hours. Be sure to browse all the options offered on the cashier page on your specific platform.

Betting On Simulated Madden Games vs. Madden Esports

To help fill the content void during the coronavirus pandemic, many sportsbooks began offering daily betting odds on full-length, simulated NFL games on Madden. These games are a great substitute for live football and fun to bet on, but it is important to note that the teams are being controlled by the computer, not an actual human player. These simulated games are played on All-Madden with sliders set so that gameplay mimics real football as closely as possible. Games between real Madden players look much different as optimal Madden strategy is much different from simulated football strategy. It is very important to note the differences when betting on simulated Madden games versus Madden esports.