Last updated on: October 5th, 2022

Betting On NBA 2K Esports Games

Betting on the popular video game NBA 2K is becoming one of the most popular topics at online sports betting sites. Esports have become a global sensation for both players, and bettors alike. If you’re interested on learning how to bet on NBA 2K then you’ve come to the right place. Here we will take a look at how to understand and properly wager on the professional NBA 2K esports competition known as the NBA 2K League.

Before we get into the specifics of betting, it is important to understand the medium of competition, and how esports as a whole has become such a powerhouse in the legal sports betting world.

Betting On NBA 2K – COVID-19 Update

With so many other major sports leagues halted because of the coronavirus, NBA 2K has been in the spotlight more than ever. From 2K League itself to staged tournaments between actual NBA players, more people than ever are watching, playing, and betting on NBA 2K during the pandemic. The start of the NBA 2K League season was delayed because of the virus, but it is now underway. The regular season lasts 13 weeks through August 7. NBA 2K offers expansive betting opportunities for fans looking for something to pass the time, from simulated real-life matchups to matchups between professional 2K players and even 2K matches between NBA players.


Bovada Sportsbook

The Place To Wager On NBA 2K

Bovada Sportsbook cannot be compared to any other sports betting platform of its kind. They are a legal offshore sportsbook with a number of esports wagers posted for NBA 2K fans. Betting on the NBA 2K is very similar to wagering on regular NBA matchups with the main difference being that these are simulated games without real people. However, they have real player simulations with real teams and there are moneyline match outcome bets along with player prop bets and a number of other props for the event.

Simply sign up for an account with Bovada, which is open to gamers everywhere in the nation except Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada. After what will take only a few minutes to join, you will have an account that can be used to gamble on the NBA 2K tournaments immediately after a deposit is made. New members are entitled to a “Welcome Bonus” that will match their first deposit by 100% up to $1000. Use the promo code NEWWELCOME to redeem this offer.

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What is NBA 2K?

No sports simulator dominates the esports world quite like NBA 2K. Becoming a cultural staple during its rise to prominence over the 2000’s, the basketball video game is consistently one of the best-selling titles on the market. When Take-Two interactive put out the very first NBA 2K back in 1999, they had no idea it would reach the level of importance and relevance the game has today. NBA players are constantly tweeting, posting, and streaming themselves playing 2K, and the annual installments rating announcements and ensuing reactions have become can’t miss entertainment.

Where to Bet on the NBA 2K League?

Many online sportsbooks will offer odds on the NBA 2K League as the major matchups gain popularity. While esports is still growing as a betting type, there is no denying the impact that NBA 2K has begun with. Online sportsbooks won’t be the only place that offers USA legal esports betting action surrounding NBA 2k bets. State-licensed sportsbooks have been authorized to allow esports betting but their offerings are not as expansive as online betting sites. Also, each state licensed sportsbook can vary depending on the state’s regulations, so there is a possibility that NBA 2k betting lines won’t even be offered there.

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How to Bet On The NBA 2K League

Depending upon when you access the site and how far into the season you are, you should find a range of bets for the NBA 2K league. The bets are mainly focused on overall winners, but you can also sometimes find odds for over/under and point spreads. Options are increasing exponentially and more are becoming available all the time. Betting will typically be very similar to other esports but they will also resemble actual basketball lines a little.

Can I Bet On The Cover Athlete For NBA 2K24?

If past cover announcements are any indication, then yes, you can bet on which player will be on the cover for NBA 2K24. Odds will likely be released as the season goes along and oddsmakers can craft accurate odds that offer strong payouts. 2K23 resulted in a strong +1400 payout for players that bet on Devin Booker, which only supports large payouts when betting on the 2K cover.

Betting The Moneylines In NBA 2K Video Game Tournaments

This is your standard “who wins” line that you will see at your online sportsbooks. It is the most popular line and is simply you betting on a certain player, or team winning their specific matchup.

Tournament Winner/Future

This is a future bet on which team or player will overall win a certain tournament or event. You may also be able to bet on teams to make the finals, win their bracket, win their group, or a little more obscure things like which region the overall winner will come from.


Similar to NBA betting, sportsbooks will offer the over/under on total points in games of 2K as well. The same strategies apply, so be sure to do some research before making these bets.


Prop bets for 2K can be fun, as they track specific players or stats. They make you watch the game in a much different way and can be on things like the most points, most rebounds, how many dunks, etc.

How is NBA 2K Played Competitively?

The season currently operates on a 17-week schedule, with multiple special events such as NBA Players Only tournaments happening sporadically throughout the year. Legal sports betting on 2K League season will begin began in March and finish in August, with the NBA 2K League Finals. The competition typically takes place on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

User Gameplay and Using MyPlayer in NBA 2K League

The matchups consist of 2 teams of 5 human players each. Each player controls one respective player on the court, and all 10 gamers are playing on the court at the same time. No current NBA rosters or player models are used in the NBA 2K League, unless under specific stipulations. League matchups will have each gamer using their custom created “MyPlayer”, who has specific position abilities and strengths. No artificial intelligence is used, which means the game will not make any choices or help the player in any way. Playing ability is strictly determined by skill at the game.

Where to Watch the NBA 2K League

You can follow your bets and watch the NBA 2K League by checking in on their website. This site also has all the league information and things like highlights to get you going. The league also partners with popular streaming platform Twitch and has past games available for viewing on YouTube.

Final Thoughts about NBA 2K Betting

When placing your bets, it’s important to do a bit of research. Identify your matchup and examine the star players for both teams and how the teams form has been over the last few games. The players themselves are good stats to track, and it is easy to monitor their individual rankings. All this information is available on the NBA 2k League official site.

You don’t need to be a crazy basketball fan to know what’s going on in the 2K league. The esport is able to be enjoyed and analyzed on its own worth, and it is easy to become heavily invested without an extensive passion for basketball itself. Before you know it you might find yourself more passionate about your local 2k League than its own NBA franchise.