Last updated on: September 14th, 2022

Famous Sports Bettors: Teddy “Covers” Sevransky

Noted as one of the most open and honest sports bettors, Teddy “Covers” Sevransky has been gambling professionally since the 1990s. Teddy offers a pick service to those who are looking to make a few extra dollars in the legal sports betting industry, but his insight into the world of gambling over the past few decades has seemed to be of more value. Sevransky moved to Las Vegas a few years after graduating from the University of Michigan and is now the go-to guy for many media companies who need an experienced face to discuss sports betting as he has worked his way up to one of the most trusted bettors at a $100 million net worth.

Between being featured on “Life on the Line”, “Action”, and ESPN’s 30-for-30 series, Sevransky is known all around the gambling community. He has also been featured in a variety of print coverage from the Boston Globe, New York Times, and Associated Press, to Cigar Aficionado and even Playboy Magazine. But Teddy “Covers” is better known for his time spent in front of the camera on CBS, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV as well as his focus on the details with each and every betting line.

Teddy “Covers” Bets The NFL

Teddy Sevranksy is truly one of the most successful football bettors out there. Teddy reportedly has a 70%-win record on all NFL bets from 2001 to now. Sevranksy’s betting focuses mainly on over/under wagers in which he excels. During the 2018 season alone, “Covers” managed to finish with an over 60%-win ratio, allowing him to cash in big on not only games but also earn profit from selling his picks. NFL betting is by far the most bet on sport in the US. Teddy has become one of the main faces of NFL sports betting.

Teddy doesn’t bet on every single NFL game. Most professional sports bettors are the same way. What Teddy does do is trust his numbers and wagers on games he feels the most confident in. His strategy is focusing on morphing teams or teams that play at a different pace than the rest of the league. This allows for anomalies on the football field in which “Covers” takes advantage of. With this strategy, Teddy manages to exploit the betting lines and take home major wins at sportsbooks. If you are going to bet on the NFL, it is a good idea to follow some of Teddy’s advice.

Sevransky’s Advice To Sports Bettors

As many of the famous sports bettors in the nation will tell you, shopping lines is crucial to getting the most for your sports bets. Sevransky will tell you the same. As soon as any lines get posted, Sevrasnksy is checking to see what each sportsbook is offering. Being that he lives in Nevada, he has plenty of options to look out for. While some books may be offering a team at -120 to cover the spread, another sportsbook might have the same team at -110. While it’s a small difference, that difference adds up when you’re betting on sports all year round like Sevransky.

Sevransky heavily researches his picks before making them and urges others to do the same. In order to make sure you’re making the right bets, you not only have to have knowledge about that sport, but individual statistics that are unique to the game you plan on betting on. This could be knowledge on a team’s ranking for certain positions, the weather for the game if it’s an outdoor event, or even which referees or umpires will be officiating the game.

Servrasnky also understands that losing is part of legal sports betting. The key is to win more than you lose. His picks are normally correct 60% of the time. There are strategies to minimize losses like hedging your bets which Sevransky promotes. Sevransky also doesn’t bet on every game, which is a rule that all sharps follow. There are other techniques that professional sports bettors use in order to make the most of bets but many of those tricks are what you get when you pay for Sevransky’s services.

Teddy “Covers” Sevransky’s Pick Service

Today, sports bettors are able to find Teddy and hear his insight from his Twitter page or on several radio shows. Here one will find many picks, analytical advice, and thoughts on certain betting lines before major games. Sevransky is primarily found on Sports Memo, where he has spent over 15 years giving out sports betting advice to listeners. Teddy will give out either 8-star, 9-star, or 10-star pick ratings for certain betting lines with the higher number being the option he is most comfortable with.

The “Big Ticket” is the name he gives 10-star picks which he will announce every 20 or so betting lines. Throughout his career, Sevransky has continued to be accurate with his selections. His reputation for winning at sportsbooks is what brings sports bettors and other listeners to his show, and has allowed him to continue to advise on the best possible betting lines available.

Teddy “Covers” On WagerTalk

Teddy Covers currently works as a consultant for WagerTalk. He posts picks on the website, and also creates longform video and audio content for the company. Covers uses his expertise as a handicapper to produce picks and advice for fans of the show and website and can be sought out for personal sports betting consultations.

His style varies but he is very into pinpointing “morphing” teams when wagering on the over/under. In this way, he tries to beat books by finding teams that are in the process of becoming better, before they actually are recognized as such. These teams are identifiable by factoring their current play stats to where they were at this same time of the season in previous years to see if they line up or not. It’s with this method that Covers comes up with his over/under picks for WagerTalk among other advice and strategies he works to help gamblers with to wager on sporting events.


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