Last updated on: June 27th, 2022

Famous Sports Bettors: Trainwreck Bio

Trainwreck, the streamer who streams on Trainwreckstv on Twitch.Tv, is one of the most famous streamers in the world. Twitch is a place that has seen a lot of gambling usage in the past, with slots streamers like Roshtein becoming household names among a certain online set of people. Trainwreck, real name Tyler Niknam, got started streaming on Twitch in 2015, originally streaming games, and eventually moving to the IRL streaming category – IRL standing for “in real life”. In 2019, he launched the Scuffed Podcast, which catapulted him to a greater degree of fame as he used the platform to discuss happenings in the streaming world, interpersonal drama, and controversial subjects. This fame allowed him to achieve lucrative sponsorships with gambling and sports betting companies, which paid him to stream himself using their products. As of 2022, Trainwreck is the second most watched Twitch gambling streamer.

Trainwreck Wins $2.5 Million On Premier League Parlay

Trainwreck recently posted one of his biggest wins ever – and one of the biggest wins we’ve seen from any gambling or sports betting streamer, including xQc or even Drake. He placed a 80,000 wager on a three leg parlay. The legs were:

Everton over Crystal Palace
Chelsea vs. Leicester City Draw
Aston Villa vs. Burnley Draw

The first leg had +117 odds, the second had +520 odds, and the third had +355 odds. All told, the parlay came to +3420 odds, and Trainwreck wagered $77,166.72 on it in bitcoin, hence the odd numbers in dollars. His total payout was $2,663,810.59, also in bitcoin, which he then posted on Twitter with the commentary “HOLY FUCK WHAT A PARLAY”. Can’t argue with that one, Trainwreck.

Trainwreck And Philanthropy

As he is sitting at the top of the 1% of Twitch streamers, Trainwreck has often tried to give back to the world in the form of charity. His charity endeavors tend to take place via his largest platform, the Scuffed Podcast. After the murder of George Floyd in 2020, Trainwreck raised $35,000 for the nonprofit group Color of Change, which is described as “the world’s largest online racial justice organization”. After the Australian wildfires in 2019, Trainwreck used his platform to raise approximatel 40,000 Australian dollars for donation to wildfire relief, and contributed $10,000 of his own money.

How Much Does Trainwreck Make From Sponsorships?

One underlying fact of the gambling industry on Twitch is that the vast majority of huge content creators in the space are being paid to do so, usually by large offshore casinos that prefer gambling via bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Trainwreck claims that the first month of his deal, he was making $1,000,000 a month, but that he is making far more now thanks to his referral codes and sponsorship deals. “I’m not making $1m a month, I’m making much more,” Trainwreck said. “The fuck you mean one million a month? That was the first month, buddy. Do you see what I gamble with? I’m confused.”