BetAmerica is back up after SBTech cyberattack

  • BetAmerica is back online three weeks after a cyberattack on its platform provider SBTech caused a shutdown.
  • SBTech is partnered with casinos in six different states.
  • The company announced its sports betting and casino operations are back online.

LAS VEGAS — After weeks of uncertainty, BetAmerica has returned after the online software provider SBTech fell victim to a cyberattack on March 27, that forced the company to cease operations momentarily.

The cyberattack didn’t put consumers’ data in hackers’ hands but SBTech did take down their websites for maintenance as a way to recover from the ransomware attack. In the United States, SBTech’s shutdown affected casinos and betting operations in Arkansas, Mississippi, New Jersey, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

SBTech was recently acquired by DraftKings but the cyberattack had no effect on the business transaction. Although with the coronavirus still at large, BetAmerica’s online casino and sportsbooks across the country have felt the absence of sports betting in revenue.

BetAmerica has already missed out on revenue due to the cancellations of major sports events and leagues across the globe. But they also weren’t doing great in Pennsylvania before the cyber attack. According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, in February, BetAmerica was ranked last in terms of total sports betting handle at just $3 million collected and only kept $50,000 in revenue.

Last year In Pennsylvania, BetAmerica had a $21.7 million handle for the 2019-20 fiscal year currently which ranked them 10th out of the 12 state-licensed sportsbooks. Pennsylvania is not the only state BetAmerica is at the bottom of the revenue totem pole, as the story is the same in the state of Indiana.

While a limited sports betting menu already caps out the maximum earning potential for BetAmerica, that plus the cyberattack will make it extremely hard for the legal sports betting operator to recover financially. Furthermore, with no real timeline for sports to come back, the hit BetAmerica is taking could get even worse especially if sports don’t return by July.

As time passes and sports return, BetAmerica should be expected to eventually gain back its market share in the United States. Launching a mobile sports betting app, instead of relying on online wagers would help BetAmerica out the most.

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