• Betcris officially launches in Brazil and other Latin American sports betting markets.
  • Betcris believes Brazil will be a major market for legal sports betting.
  • Both pregame and live in-game wagering will be available.

BRASILIA, Brazil – Sports bettors in Brazil and other Latin American countries will now be able to bet on sports using Portuguese-language betting site Betcris.

Betcris has officially launched its popular online sportsbook in Brazil, bringing both pregame sports betting and live in-game sports betting.

Legal sports betting in Brazil has grown into a major sports betting market with the addition of Betcris.

Betting In Brazil

Betcris has announced its foray into the Brazilian sports betting market and have created an all-new online site specifically for Brazilian sports bettors.

The online sportsbook has dedicated itself to the Latin American sports betting market and creating this new and improved website specifically for the Latin American betting community is a further example of this.

“This Brazilian website is the latest initiative to be introduced by Betcris that adheres to the operator’s dedicated policy of offering the best possible user experience,” said Betcris on the official announcement. “Betcris has a strong commitment to LatAm growth, both from a user and a company perspective, and has long asserted publicly its interest in being a leader in the Brazilian market.”

The full Betcris portfolio of sports betting options, including live in-game betting, pregame betting, and futures betting, will be available on the new website.

The new site will be entirely in Portuguese and will be a sort of hub for Latin American sports betting. Betcris designed the site to be an interactive website that will bring unique user experiences to sports bettors in Brazil

Brazil is the center of sports betting for Latin America and as the market leader, Betcris wants to continue to have a strong presence in the market.

“We already have a healthy footprint in LatAm, the strongest in fact,” said JD Duarte, CEO of Betcris. “My goal is now to defend this position and strengthen our presence in existing markets while looking to add the ones we were missing due to a lack of local regulation. Brazil and Argentina represent big opportunities for us and we are ready to seize them when the time comes.”

The Latin American legal sports betting has continued to be a major player for the global industry. Betcris continues its stronghold on the market with the innovations it has made in the Brazilian market.

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