• The three founders received a $25,000 award for the best overall venture in April.
  • BetSperts is designed to make finding betting advice more open and trustworthy.
  • Reid Rooney expects up to 50,000 users to join during the NFL season.

CHICAGO – BetSperts is ready to change the way sports bettors in the US are assisted. The company does not take any wagers or act as a bookmaking service, but rather allows bettors to find insight into betting information in one location.

BetSperts acts as a social media platform that permits users to offer their picks as well as search the betting boards for advice they might take action on.

“It’s a community of bettors and granular-level experts where you can get the support in areas you might not have,” said Reid Rooney, co-founder of BetSperts.

In short, members suggest their betting advice and the website and app act as a library of every pick that member has recommended. Over time, the information of a variety of pickers shall detail who knows what they are talking about and who is guessing at all costs.

When searching, information seekers can filter the data by percentages, the number of total recommendations, unit increases, and many more.

Both those looking to offer picks as well as those looking to gain insight are encouraged to join. The membership is free but BetSperts offers a paid membership package with more abilities and fewer restrictions as well.

The company is undergoing a testing phase for different sports, as it currently only focuses on baseball – the sport that two of the three founders played together at Central Michigan University.

“We’re going to continue to expand significantly but we need to do it piece by piece at this point,” said Rooney.

All of the popular American sports are projected to be added to the platform as well as some of the major international soccer leagues.

Already paired with Vinfotech, the company is looking to gain additional deals in the near future and is considering affiliates per EGR.

The men received a $25,000 award for “best overall venture” during April’s “2019 New Venture Competition” held at Central Michigan University.

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