Betway and NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning

  • The National Hockey League has officially announced Betway as their sports betting partner ahead of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  • The partnership will see Betway media placed throughout broadcasts of the NHL Playoffs as well as on-ice branding.

NEW YORK – The NHL has just announced their newest sports betting partner, Betway.

Betway is one of the largest sports betting media and platform providing brands in the world, with a huge following a user base in Europe.

Looking to expand their hold in the US, Betway announced this week they would become the Official Sports Betting partner of the NHL as they head into the playoffs.

The deal will see Betway receive extreme brand exposure throughout NHL Playoff media including a corner in-ice brand position and camera-visible side boarding.

These adverts will be in place throughout the entire 2021 Playoff season and likely beyond that as well. This is great news for anyone looking to bet on the NHL in the near future.

With more and more leagues becoming welcoming to the idea of legal sports betting, it isn’t surprising to see the NHL cash in on their own opportunities.

“It’s an incredibly proud moment as we announce our first North American sports league partnership with the NHL.” said Anthony Werkman, the CEO of Betway. “Starting with the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Betway brand will receive major exposure to sports fans around the globe and that will continue at other NHL tentpole events throughout the calendar, which is hugely exciting for us.”

The partnership will likely pave the way for future plans to integrate betting options and information into live broadcasts.

The future of betting integration is an exciting endeavor across all of the major sporting landscape right now, with many looking to capitalize on the current climate.

“The Stanley Cup Playoffs is the most exciting two months in sports and delivers a tremendous opportunity for fan engagement on a global basis,” said Keith Wachtel, NHL Chief Business Officer and Senior Executive Vice President. “With the sports betting category continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, we’re thrilled to launch our new partnership with Betway at this very exciting time of our season. Betway has a very aggressive growth strategy and are an ideal partner to engage with our avid fan base.”

Betway will now have the all-clear to use all NHL trademarks in their promotions in order to create an ideal NHL betting experience.

Only time will tell to see what league makes the next big move to make in-game sports betting that much easier and accessible.

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