Michael Bloomberg will be on the debate stage for the first time in Las Vegas, and his election odds are increasing.

  • The Democratic candidates will have a debate in Las Vegas Wednesday night.
  • Michael Bloomberg is a late entrant but his odds are surging at sportsbooks.
  • The attention put on Bloomberg could actually be beneficial to Sen. Bernie Sanders’s odds.

LAS VEGAS – A Democratic debate is set to happen in Las Vegas on Wednesday, and Michael Bloomberg will make his first appearance on the stage.

There have been two states so far that have voted on who they want to be the Democratic nominee. Iowa ended in a virtual tie between Sen. Bernie Sanders and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Sanders then soundly won in New Hampshire. Now the focus is on Nevada as their primary voting will happen on Saturday.

Introducing Bloomberg

Bloomberg is a former mayor of New York City and is determined to be the one to take on President Donald Trump. Bloomberg is a billionaire worth around $60 billion and he is leveraging his funds all over the country.

Bloomberg is spending millions of dollars in advertisements in Super Tuesday states. He is also outspending all other candidates in online advertisements as well. Thanks to that, Bloomberg’s election odds have gone up.

Democratic Nominee Odds for the Presidential Election

  • Bernie Sanders +100
  • Michael Bloomberg +225
  • Joe Biden +700
  • Pete Buttigieg +1000
  • Amy Klobuchar +2500
  • Elizabeth Warren +3300
  • Tom Steyer +6600
  • Tulsi Gabbard +8000

Creating so many advertisements all but guarantee that voters know who he is. Despite his lack of presence in previous months, Bloomberg’s targeted ads have influenced odds boards online.

Not only that, but national polls are giving Bloomberg a shot. In the latest ABC News/Washington Poll, Bloomberg is polling at 14%. That puts him just behind Joe Biden at 17% and ahead of a majority of the other candidates. But he is trailing behind Sanders who is polling at 32%.

Despite his election odds being strong, it will still be difficult for him to win the nomination. Bloomberg has decided that he will skip over the first four primary states. That means although he is debating in Nevada, he will not be on the ballot for the Nevada caucuses.

Focusing On Bloomberg

The reason for Bloomberg’s late entry to the debate stage is that the DNC previously had qualifications that needed to be met before getting on the debate stage. One such rule is a candidate must have a certain number of individual donations to get on the debate stage.

The DNC has since removed that rule, thus allowing Bloomberg on the Debate Stage. Many other Democratic candidates are crying foul and are accusing Bloomberg of trying to buy the election.

Thanks to that, most of the candidates will be focusing their time on attacking Bloomberg. That could be good for Sen. Sanders.

Sen. Sanders is the current front runner and the likely winner of Nevada and most of Super Tuesday states. If other candidates are focused on Bloomberg, Sen. Sanders might come out of the debate stage unscathed.

Whether or not attacking Bloomberg will actually lower his election odds is yet to be seen. Bloomberg will likely spend even more of his money on advertisements across the country, increasing his election odds.

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