• Sports bettors are wagering on the Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks game’s 1st quarter margin, with the shortest odds being Seattle Seahawks by 7 or more at +200.
  • The Buffalo Bills have +275 odds to have exactly three touchdowns against the Indianapolis Colts.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Washington Football Team game has sports bettors betting a Rush play at -135 will be the first play of the game.

SEATTLE – Sports bettors are putting heavy action on the Wild Card Weekend slate of games. Online sportsbooks have taken note and are hosting major prop bets for each game.

There are wagers being placed on props such as the first play of the game, first-quarter deficit, and how many touchdowns a given team will score.

With the Super Bowl incoming, NFL betting is starting to pick up more than ever. Betting on the first weekend of the playoffs could net some major wins.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks – 1st Quarter Margin of Victory Odds

  • Seattle Seahawks by 7 or More +200
  • Tie +250
  • Seattle Seahawks by 1 to 6 Pts +400
  • Los Angeles Rams by 7 or More +450
  • Los Angeles Rams by 1 to 6 Pts +550

For the Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks game, sportsbooks are favoring the first quarter ending with the Seahawks up by at least a touchdown.

Seattle has one of the best QB/WR tandems in Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf. The pair have one of the strongest offenses in the league this season so it is no surprise that sports bettors would be leaning on Seattle having an early lead.

Underdog bettors would be banking on the Rams defense to keep the game close or even having a lead of their own.

While the +250 odds for the game being a tie after the first quarter is appealing, as it is entirely possible for both teams to go scoreless in the first quarter, taking the Rams by 1 to 6 points could net players major wins.

All the Rams would need to do is have a field goal lead on Seattle, which could be a reality leading into the second quarter.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills – Buffalo Bills Exact Touchdowns

  • 3 +275
  • 4 +325
  • 2 +350
  • 5 +500
  • 6 or More +500
  • 1 +700
  • 0 +2200

The short odds for this betting line has sports bettors taking the Buffalo Bills to score exactly three TD’s against the Indianapolis Colts. This is an understandable choice by sports bettors as the Colts defense has shown sparks of life this season and the Bills offense has proven it can score against the league’s best.

While QB Josh Allen has led the bills to a strong season, the Bills’ defense is what carried them to the postseason. Buffalo averages 3.75 TD’s a game, and the Colts defense gives up almost three TD’s a game.

This is one of the safest bets for sports bettors taking the short odds on 3 and bettors may want to grab on to these betting lines before they shorten. The +275 odds are extremely appealing right now.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Washington Football Team – First Offensive Play of the Game

  • Rush -135
  • Pass +105

Sports bettors are placing heavy action on the first play of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Washington Football Team game, with most bettors wagering it will be a rushing play.

Now the Washington Football Team excels as a rushing offense, they also struggle defending the rush as this season Washington ran for 1,611 yards while giving up 1,805 yards. It is highly possible for Tampa to take advantage of this defensive lapse.

The Buccaneers would also possibly want to play it safe and avoid an early pick should they have the ball first, leading towards a possible rushing attempt for the first play.

Underdog bettors should hope that Tom Brady pushes for a passing play out the gate should the Buccaneers hold possession first. The Bucs have one of the best receiving lineups in the league so seeing them pass first isn’t out of the picture.

The Football team will likely rush first, but there is a chance for Tampa to try and go for a strong early offense, netting underdog bettors major wins.

There are prop bets like these and plenty more at legal sports betting sites. Wild Card Weekend is coming with a lot of winning opportunities.

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