• Former NFL star Brian Westbrook shares some thoughts about sports betting.
  • He talks about how emerging technology will affect the NHL.
  • He shared his thoughts during the Betting on Sports America conference.

SECAUCUS, N.J. – Former Philadelphia Eagles star, Brian Westbrook, spoke about sports betting during the Betting on Sports America conference in New Jersey.

Technology Is Key

During an interview with SBC Americas Westbrook talked very favorably about sports betting. In particular, he took an interest in how legal sports betting technology will impact the NFL.

Brian Westbrook is a member of the Athlete Venture Group in SeventySix Capitol. The group invests and works with sports tech startups. Westbrook and the group are very interested to see the potential impact sports betting could have on the leagues.

“Well, I think the technology part of it is going to be huge,” said Westbrook. “Bettors want to understand more about the team. More about what’s going on with individual players. As the team continues to collect information, that will affect how they train players [and] how they approach the games.”

This is already true for other sports leagues. The NHL is implementing a new tracking system named Puck and Player for their games.

The data collected by the NHL allow fans to have a deeper understanding of the teams and players. This will give bettors the extra information they need to make an informed bet. On top of that, Puck and Player will assist training for each member of the team. The data can help coaches understand where their players need assistance.

Similar technology could be implemented in NFL sports betting. Sports bettors are wanting more information about NFL teams and players. Trackers placed on the football and players will allow that to happen. This would be mutually beneficial for the NFL as well. Using this data, teams can come up with a more effective training regimen.

Right now, the NFL has not announced anything about implementing a tracking system. Westbrook and his group could invest in a company who would create that technology. If they do, new tracking systems could be introduced to the NFL.

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