Colorado Avalanche

  • The Colorado Avalanche are favored to win the Stanley Cup Finals with +500 odds.
  • The Vegas Golden Knights have +550 odds to win the championship.
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs are sitting at +600 to win the Stanley Cup.

LAS VEGAS—NHL fans and bettors around the world have a lot to look forward to as the Stanley Cup Playoffs are set to begin and odds for who is going to win the Stanley Cup Finals have been narrowed down.

Legal sports betting sites currently have three teams sitting with under +700 odds to win the Stanley Cup Finals. Leading the way are the Colorado Avalanche at +500 odds who have the fourth-best record in the league.

Odds To Win 2021 Stanley Cup

  • Colorado Avalanche +500
  • Vegas Golden Knights +550
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +600
  • Tampa Bay Lightning +750
  • Carolina Hurricanes +800
  • Boston Bruins +1000
  • Washington Capitals +1400
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +1200
  • Edmonton Oilers +1500
  • New York Islanders +1600
  • Minnesota Wild +1800
  • Florida Panthers +1800
  • St. Louis Blues +2000
  • Winnipeg Jets +2800
  • Montreal Canadiens +3000
  • Nashville Predators +3300

Colorado Avalanche Odds To Win

The Colorado Avalanche have the shortest NHL odds to win the Stanley Cup and rightfully so. Although they are sitting with the fourth-best record in the league, they are one of the hottest teams right now as in their last seven games they have gone 6-1.

Not to mention, their odds have stayed in the favorite spot for the better part of the regular season.

Being that they are going into the playoffs with home advantage should be something to look out for as well since they have the best home record in the league right now at 20-4.

However, where things could come back to haunt them could be their record against the spread. They have gone a less than great 22-32 against the spread and hold a 13-13 ATS record at home which means they keep things close the majority of the time.

Betting on the Avalanche would be a solid bet to make, but could be nerve-wracking if they continue to play close games.

Vegas Golden Knights Odds To Win

The Vegas Golden Knights should be the team to watch on the odds board being that they have the best record in the NHL at 39-14. They also will have home advantage throughout the playoffs as well which is great being that they have a 21-5 home record that is tied for second in the league.

As for how their odds have been throughout the season, they have remained favored under +1000 all throughout the year.

From a betting standpoint, bettors should be wary being that they have kept things close with opposing teams as well both at home and on the road. They have gone 12-16 against the spread when playing at home and 13-14 ATS when away.

With that said, their odds would offer a nice payout for being the second shortest to win, but there are concerns.

Toronto Maple Leafs Odds To Win

The Maple Leafs are sitting with the third shortest odds and the sixth-best record in the league at 35-16-6. Not to mention, they are also scorching hot right now as they have gone 7-1 in their previous 8 games.

They have also done well both at home and on the road as they have gone 18-7 at home and 17-6 when away.

Although on paper, the Leafs might look strong, they always seem to disappoint their bettors and fan base. They have made the playoffs in each of their last four seasons, however, they have been sent home in the first round in three of them and were bounced in the qualifying round in one of them.

With that alone, unless bettors know of an inside scoop, more money can be made somewhere else on the odds board.

Florida Panthers Odds To Win

The Panthers are considered a huge Darkhorse team especially being that they have only made the playoffs one time in their last four seasons and have been somewhat of an irrelevant team.

However, looking at this season, they have completely turned things around as they have gone 37-14-5 which has been good for the third-best record in the entire league.

Being that they have played well enough throughout the season, they have earned home advantage which is great considering they have gone 16-12 against the spread when playing in their home arena.

They have also been hot as well in their last eight games as they have gone 7-1. Being that the Panthers have pulled this successful season from mid-air, this just goes to show that anything can happen and any team could make a run in the playoffs.

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