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  • Delaware Park took in $3.65 million (60%) of all Delaware sports wagers in April.
  • The average wager amount was $39.81 for the month of April.
  • Since the launch 11 months ago, $6.32 million has been contributed to the state government.

DOVER, Del. – The NFL football season and NCAA Tournament are over and the most recent revenue report for Delaware sports betting reflects this.

The three Delaware books took in a total handle of $6,088,183 for all of April. This gives April the title as the lowest month on record for legal sports betting in Delaware – even less than their launch month of June 2018.

The books’ revenue did not fare much better, which took in only $615,772 for the month, before contributing 50% of that to the state. Aside from February’s rough Super Bowl month, this was the lowest the books kept since October of 2018.

Delaware’s state government will be able to cash in on $307,886 of tax contributions for April, bringing the total close to $2 million for all of 2019.

Delaware Park continues to lead the three sportsbooks having taken in 60% ($3.65 million) of April’s betting action. In the first four months of 2019, the highest-grossing sportsbook in Delaware has contributed $1.17 million to the state.

Both Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway were nearly equal in their April handle, splitting the remaining 40%. The two sportsbooks were responsible for giving the state $65,570 and $57,370, respectively.

The total number of wagers placed dropped 38% from 246,137 in March to 152,918 for April.

Aside from the total wagers dropping, the average bet amount has also steadily decreased throughout 2019. In January, bettors averaged $52.52 per wager and moved to $43.85 in February. During March, it fell further to $42.59, ending at $39.81 for the month of April.

Whether it is a lack of confidence or the disappearance of the major players, one thing is for sure: Delaware needs to turn around their spring and summer sports betting numbers.

With next month’s report, Delaware will officially have had legal sports betting for a full year. Over the first eleven months of legal Delaware sports betting, the state has received $6.32 million in taxes.

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