• Renovations for Dodger Stadium are expected to reach a total cost of $100 million.
  • The plans are to keep the midcentury modern feel while increasing the walkability of the venue.
  • Sports bars could be turned into sportsbooks, as seen by artist renderings of the renovation.

LOS ANGELES – The third-oldest stadium in the MLB is undergoing a $100 million renovation in order to better serve fans.

Expected to be ready before the 2020 MLB All-Star game, Dodger Stadium will look to ease accessibility issues, include a variety of sports bars, standing and social areas, and even create a children’s play area.

“We entertain more people at this ballpark than any stadium in the entire world as far as sporting events,” said Dave Roberts, the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. “It’s going to be something special.”

The renovation will not include an increase nor decrease in seating capacity, as the stadium will still service 56,000 fans. Instead, the team plans to keep their 1962, midcentury modern design and focus more on the concourses around the perimeter, outfield pavilions, and entertainment areas.

Fans will finally be able to enter at any gate they desire and find their seat (at their own leisure) instead of being forced to park in one area and walk around the entire venue to get in.

The pavilions will be renovated to accommodate standing room, ADA seating, home run seats, and a variety of bar stools overlooking the field. Naturally, the wood benches from 1962 will remain, according to the announcement as told by Vin Scully.

A permanent home will be established in centerfield plaza for the Legends of Dodger Baseball program which highlights famous players and moments in Dodgers history. Additionally, the centerfield area will feature a play area for children that will be visible from the upper-level seating.

In-Stadium Wagering At Dodger Stadium?

While no plans have been announced (and no changes have occurred on the MLB’s front of their stadium betting ban), the new renovations could expand a sports bar into a sportsbook.

Artist renderings of the proposed design display an odds ticker, which may indicate they are preparing for the possibility of allowing wagers to be placed at the venue.

Other districts like Illinois and DC have included language in their sports betting legalization to allow for in-stadium wagering, as this trend seems to be inevitable across the US.

In order for this to come into fruition though, California legislators would have to authorize sports betting within the state. Ballot initiatives have been attempted and legislators have also attempted to work on details.

However, the backlash from Native American tribes, who control the gambling industry in the state, shows they are opposed to any immediate expansion.

Whether sports betting will be at Dodger Stadium or not, the new renovation should add a variety of benefits to fans of the MLB.

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