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Draftkings and the NBA have teamed up for sports betting.

  • DraftKings and the NBA now have a sports betting partnership.
  • The partnership allows DraftKings to have the use of official NBA data.
  • NBA now has multiple sports betting partners.

NEW YORK – The NBA announced that they have entered a multi-year partnership with DraftKings. This partnership makes DraftKings an official sports betting operator for the NBA.

“NBA games are among the most captivating, dramatic and widely-consumed sports entertainment products globally, and the advocacy of the league around legal sports betting further demonstrates its consistent foresight to innovate for the betterment of the fan experience,” said Ezra Kucharz, the chief business officer at DraftKings. “The correlation between sports betting and fan engagement is proven, and we look forward to the opportunities that being an Authorized Gaming Operator of the NBA will unlock for consumers.”

This partnership makes it so that DraftKings will receive official data to use for NBA bets. This will be done at both brick and motor DraftKings sportsbooks and their online sportsbooks. This will further improve the accuracy of legal sports betting from DraftKings. On top of that, DraftKings is allowed to use NBA logos for promotional purposes.

Allowing DraftKings to have official league data is beneficial for the NBA as well. Firstly, it allows the NBA to possibly bring in more fans of the NBA through sports betting. Secondly, it makes it possible for the NBA to keep an eye on any wrongdoings through sports betting. DraftKings said that they would do what they can to keep the integrity of NBA games intact.

Ever since the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the NBA is now leaning into sports betting. DraftKings is not the only official sports betting operator that the NBA has. They have also made a similar deal with William Hill last month.

Having multiple official sports betting operators allows the NBA to have more control over sports betting. They can make sure that the betting data is accurate surrounding their games. This also allows the NBA to keep an eye out in case the integrity of their games is threatened. With the new partnership with DraftKings, more sports betting partnerships with the NBA are expected. The deal with DraftKings will continue to go through the current 2019-20 NBA season, which recently tipped off.

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